99 and a full haul

Coupon haul
I made my call to MARVIN today – my last call. That’s right, I am officially a Week 99er. My last deposit will be made tomorrow and is for only one week’s worth of benefits. I have a temporary consulting gig starting this week for one day a week, so I’m not that worried (yet). I’ll be honest – it sucks, but it’s the reality of the market.
I left this morning with my friend and the baby with the goal of spending $100 or less, hands full of envelopes of coupons and lists.. crazy lists.

This is what I ended up with:

  • 10 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
  • 6 Ball Park Franks
  • 3 Johnsonville Brats
  • 2 Sargento Sliced Cheese
  • 10 Eckerich Sausage
  • 4 Glade Air Affects
  • 2 Febreeze Air Sprays
  • 8 Ajax Dish Soap
  • 4 Ajax Powder Cleaner
  • 2 Scrunci Hair Ties (actually BOGO sets, so 4 sets for the price of 2)
  • 9 Purina One Beyond Cat Foods
  • 1 Scrubbing Bubble Foaming Cleaner
  • 3 Bottles of Purex Detergent
  • 2 Dove Men’s Deodorants
  • 6 Suave Deodorants
  • 10 Suave Body Wash
  • 1 CVS Green Tag (scan your card at the Kiosk for a coupon to make it free!)
  • 3 Bayer Low Dose
  • 2 Garnier Fructis hair products
  • 4 Candy Pieces
  • 6 Jars of Ragu
  • 6 bags of Combos
  • 4 Peanut M&M’s
  • 8 Dole Canned Mandarin Oranges

Total OOP $91.50 – $3.00 CVS ECB = $88.50
Total MSRP $326.77

Total savings of 73%!

Check out images of the haul below – every item was purchased with coupons, with the exception of the M&M’s which were purchased for the sake of the Walgreen’s Coupon Ratio.

coupon haul
coupon haul
So what were the best deals we found?


Suave Body Wash
On sale for $2 each
Receive $3.00 ECB if you spend $10 in products
Use your BOGO Suave Body Wash Coupon from your 5/22 Paper. I think it was in Unilever insert.

I got 10 bottles – or $20.00 worth of body wash. When the cashier scanned the BOGO coupon the computer took off the retail value of the body wash so $3.00 x 5 products.

Total $5.00 – $3.00 ECB = $2.00 or 20¢ each! Amazing deal!

Also while at CVS can your card at the Red Kiosk. You can keep scanning it until it says “no more coupons for today” Right now it is spitting out a coupon for a FREE Green tag– which you bring in with you and get scanned when you bring in your own bag. Every 4 times you do this you get $1 ECB! Free money and we know we’ll be shopping there anyhow!


Ajax Cleaners
Walgreen’s has in store coupons for Ajax dish soap for 89¢ and Ajax powder cleaner for 99¢ and BOGO!

Pair these coupons with the $1.00/1 Any Ajax coupon from last weeks insert. If you do this for the Powder Cleaner you get 2 products free. For the Dish soap you get 1 free!

Scrunci Hair Ties
On sale for $2.00 – and you get a $2.00 RR with purchase.

Look through the ones still on the rack – there are some BOGO packs- so you get 2 packages for free 🙂

Oscar Mayar Hot Dogs
$2.99 BOGO deal.
Use your $1/2 coupons
Final cost is $1.99/2 or about $1 each. Not as good as the Ball Park deal below, but still a good deal!

OK- you’ve seen my meat haul.. so let’s start there

Johnsonville Brats

On sale for 3/$5 (regularly $3.99 each)
Use your $1/2 coupon. They break down to just over $1.16 each or 29% of their regular cost!

Ball Park Hot Dogs
On sale for 98¢
Use your 55¢/1 OR $1/2 coupon – get them for around 50¢ a package

Sweet Baby Ray’s Dip or Marinade (sold out near us already!)
On sale 5/$5
Use your $1/1 coupon from Sunday’s paper

Chichi’s Salsa (Sold out near us already!)
On Sale for 99¢
Use your 50¢/1 coupon which will double

Knorr Rice Sides
On Sale 5/$5
Use your 50¢/2 coupon- Meijers Doubles it to $1.00
Purchase in sets of 2 🙂
Final Cost 50¢ each

Doll Mandarin Oranges
On Sale 5/$5
Use your 50¢/2 Coupon from Sunday – Meijers Doubles it up to $1.00
Purchased in sets of 2
Final cost 50¢ each

Purina One Beyond Cat Food
Cost $2.79
Use the $2/1 coupon from last Sunday insert
Final cost 79¢!

We looked for a similar deal for dog food – but I think the Cats win in this situation! My girls will be happy since their food was getting low as well.

I will be making another trip out to Meijers to try to take advantage of the Sweet Baby Rays and Salsa deals – I’m going to wait a day or so until everything gets (hopefully restocked). But otherwise, we got everything on our lists!

And with a $6.77 lunch at Arby’s, I stayed on budget, and snagged some fantastic deals!

How did you do? What good deals have you found?


  1. Great haul!! 🙂
    I didn’t have the BOGO Suave coupons in my newspapers, I had suave but the ones I had for body wash was only for $1 off of 3


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