Hughes Brother's Show Branson Review

9 Reasons Your Family Will Love Visiting Branson and Your Chance to Win a Trip! #BloggingBranson

Hughes Brother's Show Branson ReviewWhen you’re booking your next family vacation you have to find the perfect place to visit for everyone. A place that has outdoor activities, that will keep kids entertained, that you can trust will keep everyone happy. You may be wondering if a place like this actually exists. And you will be happy to know – it actually does! We spent a few days in Branson, Missouri last month and had such a great time we want you to experience it as well. We’re sharing our favorite reasons to take your family there, as well as giving away show tickets and hotel stays to two of our readers! You just have to get you and your family there and have a great time!

Shows That Will Keep You Entertained!

Hughes Brother's Show Branson Review

Branson is known for the shows that built the city and that tradition continues to this day. With hundreds of shows happening daily you can easily find a few shows to watch each and every day. At the holidays season, most of the shows offer five show times. You can spend your day show hopping. With the majority of the shows being variety shows you can almost guarantee that you will like each and every one.

Many of the shows in Branson are run completely as family business and completely run in house. Purchase your show tickets directly from the theater or their websites to support them!

Our show recommendations: Hughes Music Show, Clay Cooper Country Express, Dolly Parton’s Stampede, Baldknobbers

Patriotism and Respect for Our Military 

Dolly Parton's Stampede Branson Review

Following along the lines of family values, Branson is steeped in Patriotism and pride in our country. Every show will have a moment that thanks our active military, service men and women and veterans. Every show does this a bit differently but you can expect to take that moment at every show.

Outdoor Activities to Burn off Steam

Branson Tracks and Ferris Wheel

Putt Putt, Bumper Cars and more! If the weather is nice, get outside and visit the Branson Tracks. Not only will you get them to burn off steam but you’ll laugh the day away. There is a something for everyone and you may find your competitive side coming out as you race around the tracks.

Theme Parks With Amazing Roller Coasters

Silver Dollar City Missouri Review Branson

Who doesn’t love theme parks? We fell in love with Silver Dollar City a theme park based around 1880’s Ozark life. But don’t think it’s all quaint and old fashioned. They have record breaking roller coasters like the Time Traveler that will whip you through time while spinning you around and upside down. The park is completely family friendly, is full of fun rides and treats that you’ll be craving for weeks after.

Hotels with Charm and Personality

Stone Castle Hotel Branson Review

Not all hotels are the same, and really we know they’re usually secondary when you are traveling. But we found that hotels with personality will keep you coming back for more! Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center is a budget hotel that doesn’t feel like one. With themed Jacuzzi rooms that your family will love staying at. With two pools, a game room and breakfast included in your stay. Even if you’re only sleeping there, isn’t it more fun to be in a themed room anyhow?

Amazing Food Options – Even with Allergies and Special Diets

Florentina's Branson Review

You can find any type of food you want when your are in Branson. From country cooking, Italian, pizza and more. Want to try something delicious? The Italian Nachoes at Florentina’s gets rave reviews! If you have a food allergy don’t worry, the restaurant staff knows what to do. We explored Branson and enjoyed meals without getting sick the whole time.

Find our favorite gluten free picks in Branson here!

Our restaurant recommendations: Fall Creek Steakhouse, Florentina’s Ristorante Italiano, Dinner at Dolly Parton’s Stampede, Cici’s Pizza, MacFairlan’s

Arcades to Keep Your Family Busy

Cici's Pizza Branson Review

Brush off your gaming skills and hop into the arcade! You can play different games in different arcades like the Branson Track, at the game room at the Stone Castle Hotel and the Million Dollar Game Room at the World’s Largest Cici’s Pizza. Load up your game card and play a few games, you don’t know what you will win! We highly recommend the claw machines  – we did great at those!

Amazing Views and Sights

Branson Ferris Wheel Review

Hop on the Branson Ferris Wheel and see the whole city. The Ferris Wheel was brought to the city in 2016 from Chicago and from the top you can see everything in the area. At night the Ferris Wheel lights up in a beautiful LED show. Ride with your friends, your family or significant other and enjoy breathtaking views along the way.

History and Learning Opportunities

Titanic Museum Branson Review

Our family trips always included trips to a museum or two. In Branson there are a lot of education opportunities but one amazing one – the Titanic Museum. Filled with actual artifacts, stories of survivors and the victims and amazing employees who have a passion for their job. The Titanic fascinates us all over a century later and this is a great place to learn more about the events of that fateful night and those who lived through it.

There is a lot to do in Branson and we barely scratched the surface. We can’t wait to head back and find more about this great city. We want our readers to head out and explore Branson too so we’re giving away great Branson travel prize packs!

Two of our readers are going to win a Branson Prize Pack* – See what you can win below:

branson prize package

  • 2 Night Stay in a Themed Jacuzzi Suite of Your Chocie or Standard Room – Compliments of Stone Castle Hotel
  • A Family Pass for The Hughes Music Show – Good for 2 Adults and up to 4 children 17 and Under – Compliments of The Hughes Music Show
  • A Family Pass for Clay Cooper’s Country Express -Good for 2 Adults and 3 Children. Compliments of Clay Cooper Theater
  • Dolly Parton’s Stampede Notebook and Bag – Compliments of Dolly Parton’s Stampede
  • A Copy of Ozarks Legacy and Legend on DVD – Compliments of Branson IMAX

*Winners are responsible for their own travel to and from to Branson, meals and all other costs. But you’ll have a great time so enjoy the trip! 

How Can You Win? 

Enter to win with the form below. Have you been to Branson before? What was your favorite show or thing to do while in town? Who would you take on this trip with you? If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!

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74 thoughts on “9 Reasons Your Family Will Love Visiting Branson and Your Chance to Win a Trip! #BloggingBranson

  1. I have been to Branson and Loved it. I really liked Dick’s Five and Dime and Dolly Parton’s Stampede. I would take my husband and go again!

  2. We have been to Branson – I love the Table Rock area! Although I think we had the MOST fun at White Water I LOVED Silver Dollar City and the Branson Belle!

  3. My family has been to Branson! We love Silver Dollar City and Dixie Stampede! I would take my husband and two kids on this trip, they’d be so excited!!

  4. We live a few hours from Branson so we go quite often. We love Silver Dollar City, The Branson Belle, and the Branson Coaster has become a new favorite for our family. I would take my hubby and kids.

  5. We love Branson. And we love Stone Castle Hotel we had a great time the last time we were there. One of our favorite thing to do is go to the Sight & Sound Theater. Amazing shows!!

  6. We love coming Branson. So many things to do .The Stone Castle Hotel is a great place to stay. It’s clean and comfortable the staff is super friendly and helpful. We really enjoy staying there. One of our favorite thing to do is going to the Sight & Sound Theater. They have amazing shows. We would love to win this trip. It would make an awesome Birthday/ Anniversary trip for us. Thank you for a chance to win.

  7. Love MO. I am originally from Kansas City but spent my 30 years in the Air Force and now live in WY.
    Great contest and love that down home music

  8. I don’t know what my favorite thing to do in Branson is because I have never been there. I would bring my husband and kids. My friend has gone there lots and says very good things about it.

  9. I have not been to Branson yet. If I did go, I would take my husband with me. We like being outside and exploring

  10. We have never been to Branson, however, we have it on our list of places to visit in the future. I would take my husband and my niece and two grandkids. WE would love to visit~

  11. I have not visited Branson, MO yet. I have had family members who went and highly recommend it before. The Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner & Show sounds like it would be incredible. We have done a theater dinner once (Phantom of the Opera at a Beef & Boards) the kids loved it and so did I. Branson, MO is a perfect driving distance away, far enough, but not too far to have to stay overnight on the way. I hope to go with my family soon. Thanks for the review, info, and chance to win a stay.

  12. I have never been to Branson but would love to go and see the shows!! I’d take my husband and we would definitely turn it into a weeklong vacation.

  13. I have not been there before. This looks like a great opportunity to get out there, been looking this summer for somewhere to visit. I would take my family (spouse and daughter).

  14. I have been to Branson twice. Once in 1980 with a Family trip, and again in 1993. Loved Silver Dollar City and the roller coaster with the car turned backwards. I loved the Dulcumers being made and played too. We went to the Will Rogers Follies, Pump Boys and Dinettes, and Shoji Tabuchi. It’s grown so much since then. I would love to go with my Beautiful Girlfriend, Kathy and the Family.

  15. I have not been to Branson, yet. I would love to take my family there and see all the attractions and hear the music.

  16. I have been to Branson before when I was younger…I don’t remember much about it and would love the experience it again as an adult.

  17. I have never been, but really want to come visit. If and when I do I will bring my husband with me. We would enjoy the entertainment along with the yummy restaurants.

  18. We love Branson, its our favorite destination for vacation. I will take my husband and sons with me. Silver Dollar City is our favorite.

  19. I have been to Branson before and I loved the magic show. I am not sure it would be the same if we went back as it is too much walking for us now.

  20. I have been to Branson before! My favorite show was The Baldknobbers! I would take my hubby with me on this trip to Branson for our 30th anniversary!

  21. I have never been to Branson before but it looks like a fun place to visit. I would take my family and we would love to do all the activities you mentioned above and all that Branson has to offer. Great trip for sure!!

  22. Have never been to Branson before but would love to go – would take my “sparring partner” of over 40 years

  23. we have never been there , but we were actually just talking about taking my son to see the butterfly exhibit

  24. I have never been to Branson before. Would love to take my boyfriend and his kids. He has talked about going there with the kids for about a year now.

  25. I have been to Branson and always had a great time. I love silver dollar city and the shopping mall. I want to see the titanic museum. I would take my best friend .

  26. I have been to branson had a great time. I like silver dollar city. I want to see the titanic museum . I would take my best friend

  27. I haven’t, but my late grandpa did and loved it. He saw shows with artists from The Lawrence Welk Show, which was his all-time favorite TV series.

  28. I have never been to Branson before. I want to go so bad!
    I would take my sister who just lost her husband last fall.
    Also, my sister’s and my birthdays are the same day, only
    9 years apart. So, we have always been close. This would
    be special for her . I haven’t been on any sort of vacation
    for many, many years. It’s been so long I can’t remember
    when. So, you would make two senior women very, very

  29. I live an hour and a half away from Branson. Have been there many time. Silver Dollar City is amazing. Thank you

  30. I have never been to Branson before but have always wanted to go there. I would take my family with me on this trip.

  31. I have been to Branson before but long before it ever became the Branson of today. I like to visit the dulcimer store there and see some music shows especially at the Andy Williams theater. I would take my good friend with me since he just became a widow and needs to get away and enjoy life after a great loss.

  32. I love finding new places that I’ve never heard of before and admittedly, this is one! There is so much fun to be had and my family would absolutely love every moment of the adventure! #BloggingBranson

  33. I’ve been to Branson and I really enjoyed all the activities I participated in. The food at Silver Dollar City was probably my favorite!

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