8 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

Broken Top Candle Company Review

It’s that time of year again, where stores are loaded with pink and red stuffed animals and candy boxes. But we know by now that those are last-minute gifts that people will grab as they remember the date is approaching. While those gifts are great for some, why not focus on gift ideas that your Valentine will actually want? These unique gifts are great options and are available to order now so you’ll have them in time for the big day. Find something your Valentine will actually love, and use this year!

Sustainable Scented Projects

Offering hand-crafted sustainable and eco-conscious luxury bath, body, and home products, Broken Top utilizes only natural and organic materials. They are mindfully sourced to be renewable and recyclable, free of parabens and gluten as well as vegan. Their candles incorporate all-natural cotton and cotton core wicks that are lead and zinc-free. Needless to say, this is the epitome of a “feel good” brand! Every scent in the collection has been developed to have its own unique expression; both familiar and unexpected. Take your pick from dreamy florals, invigorating fresh tones, and adventurous woodsy scents, Broken Top is loved by men and women alike. 

A Better Way to Keep those Flowers Last Longer

Amaranth Vase Review

The Amaranth Vase comes in two parts that screw and lock together with one simple motion. The top part includes a basket almost to hold the bouquet in place and expose the stems at the same time. At the bottom of that piece is actually the plug that keeps the water in the vase as well. A quick turn of the top and your vase can completely drain out of the base without you spilling water everywhere. But what does all this mean and do? It means you have easy access to the stems in your flower bouquet for easy trimming, and you’re not going to lose the height when you do it. You can change the water inside easily whenever you want without a huge mess or hassle and it means that your arrangement can stay intact without you messing it up as you keep it fresh. But most of all, it means you will have beautiful flowers for longer because it’s not such a pain maintaining them.

Eco-friendly Kitchen Accessories

Sonoma Wool Drying Mat Review

Sonoma Wool Company believes the qualities of wool are ideal to be used for practical products to make your home a more natural and soothing place. From luxurious bedding to simple, long-lasting dish drying mats, you’ll fall in love with all things wool. Wool is water-wicking. The same qualities that make wool breathable, also allow it to wick water away, and remain bacteria, mold and mildew-free. Drying dishes is a breeze with Sonoma Wool Company’s Wool Dish Drying Mat with Linen Sleeve. Eliminate the synthetics and plastics around your sink area and take comfort in these all-natural fibers that are uniquely superior to anything else on the market.

Add a Beautiful Garden to Any Space with Lula’s Garden

Lula's Garden Succulent Garden Review

Instead of sending cut flowers, or something that will wilt and die in a few weeks, Lula’s Gardens give a pop of fun and color to any space that will last for months if not longer. Provided in each garden is a small water dropper so you can properly take care of your garden as well.

Lula’s Garden curates small succulent gardens starting at just $27 and going up to $96. Each package comes fully assembled and ready to gift, or open when it arrives. Lula’s Garden was born out of love for succulents and a desire to bring the outdoors in. After noticing the popularity of succulents, founder Liraz Birnbaum, inspired by modern culture, spent over a year developing a gift box that doubles as a planter. A concept that reinvents the art of gifting. Each garden is hand made in Los Angeles with locally grown succulents.

To order your own Lula’s Garden or to send one as a gift check out their website. They offer a wide variety of gardens and plant options that can add to any space and require little attention and care. For every garden purchased Lula’s Garden donates to water.org. Each garden sold provides six months of safe water for one person in the developing world.

Magical Games for Family Game Night

Harry Potter Sequence Review

Wouldn’t family game night be a bit more fun if it was not only a game you all loved, but also connected to a series or show you all love? Goliath Games is bringing that magic to your game night with their new version of Sequence from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter Sequence game brings everything you love about Sequence and puts some of your absolute favorite characters and a magical twist to it.

It’s the classic game of SEQUENCE featuring characters from Harry Potter! Play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a corresponding space on the board. When you have five in a row, it’s a SEQUENCE – get the required number of SEQUENCES to win! The game Develops STEM skills like strategy as players determine where to place their chips. The first player or team to score the required number of five-card SEQUENCES wins!

Flowers That Actually Last

RosePops Review

There’s just something different about them. RosePops aren’t just your average bouquet, they’re ones that will make an impression. While their price point is quite a bit higher than what you would pay for a drug store rose, the duration, flawless beauty and year long freshness will be enough to move RosePops to the top of your gift list this year. Perfectly preserved roses that smell fantastic and will last for up to a year!

Malicious Women Offer Items to Pamper The Sassiest of Partners

Malicious Women Candles Review

We found Malicious Women candles online a while back and instantly fell in love. Not only do they offer funny names, but unique scents and items that you wont find elsewhere. Like the Colorful Hair, Don’t Care! Candle? Yes, it actually smells like Frooty Pebbles. Their products not only make us laugh, but are just the medicine that Mom may need after a long year of distance learning and working at home. Gift sets can include bottles of stick matches, bath bombs and even diffused oils to help make their space smell fantastic while helping them relax.

Every package from Malicious Women comes with pure maliciousness enclosed, but all in good fun of course. They’re the perfect present for snarky, sassy and even goofy mother in your life. You can find a variety of candles, body products, clothing, masks and even a subscription service on their website – so finding the right item is only a few clicks away!

Baby Fire Pits Bring Warmth and Beauty No Matter Where They live

Baby Fire Pits Review

If your Love lives in a condo, an apartment or in an HOA that doesn’t allow fire pits – have we got a beautiful solution for you! Meet the Baby Fire Pit – a hand-crafted piece of art that not only can be used inside but outside to add warmth and ambiance to any space. Made by hand by H&K Studios in Colorado Springs, each Baby Fire Pit is crafted into a thing of beauty and brings its craftsmanship to your home.

Created after a shutdown from the pandemic, Baby Fire Pits not only became the solution to keep a small business afloat but bring a fun way to have fires to millions of people. They are odorless, smokeless and non-toxic. They are perfect for using indoors and outdoors, taking camping or evening having a movie night with smores in the living room.

We absolutely fell in love with ours the moment we took it out of the box and it will be packed with us for a quickfire option on the patio or when we hit the road again. Right now H&K Studios has a great deal on the Baby Fire Pits for Mother’s Day but they also have other beautiful gift options like ornaments, bottle openers and art for the home as well.


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