8 Things To Consider Before Moving To A New Country By Yourself


moving to a different country

Moving to a new country by yourself will be one of the scariest and most exciting things you ever decide to do. You’ll have a head full of fears and worries, of course; it wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t! However, an opportunity like this is just to big to pass up. Living abroad alone can help you to learn a new language, experience new cultures, and create memories that you’ll have for a lifetime. The best thing about it? You’ll completely widen your perspective and feel like a new person. You’ll build confidence, learn how to think on your feet, and develop a whole host of other skills that will help you whatever you decide to do in the future!

However, there are some things you’ll need to consider before you up and run off to your new country. Take a look at the suggestions below and you’ll get a good idea of what to do when you arrive:

  1. How Will You Stay In Touch With Your Loved Ones?

Just because you’re living in a different country now doesn’t mean you should let your relationships back home flounder. Stay in touch with friends and family fairly regularly – not so you’re relying on them for company and human contact or anything, but so they know you’re save and that you stay in the loop when it comes to what’s going on back home. You have lots of options, but Skype tends to be a popular option for those who live in different countries. Schedule a regular ‘date’ so that you can stay up to date and you’ll be less likely to get home sick.

  1. How Will You Make Money?

How are you going to make money in this new country? Are you going to get a job, work freelance, or do something else? Being able to work remotely is great because you can start earning as soon as you need to. Finding a job can be a little more difficult. You can make money so many ways; start a travel blog on your experiences, create video content, and more. These income ideas are brilliant because they are passive, so you do the work once then continue to earn.

Alternatively, you could find bar work, or use qualifications to teach English to the locals. Just remember that you’ll need the correct documentation in place before you can legally work.

  1. Where Are You Going To Stay?

Finding the right place to stay is important. Can you find reviews and testimonials that will help you to make your mind up? If you’re staying in Southeast Asia and looking for a singapore room for rent then you’ll need to make sure you check out testimonials and things that can give you reassurance. Make sure you get a professional to look over any deeds or contracts you’re given before you move in. You should never sign on a dotted line without being sure of what you’re agreeing to.

  1. What Are You Going To Take With You?

Packing lightly will help you to have a better time of it when you arrive at your destination. Of course this will depend on how long you plan on staying, and whether you can keep your belongings in storage or with a family member back home. Make sure you only take the essentials, or you’ll have to think about hiring a transport company to take furniture and various items, and this is very expensive.

  1. Will There Be A Language Barrier?

If there’s going to be a language barrier, you really need to think about this. Will you learn a few key phrases before you go? You should definitely join a class once you arrive.

  1. Have You Got A Back Up Plan?

Everything can be planned to perfection, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go the way you want it to go. Do you have a back up plan? Make sure you think about what could go wrong and then come up with ways to combat them if they do occur.

moving to a different country

  1. How Will You Make New Friends?

You might think you’ll be fine just Skyping your family every so often, and while you might be at first, you need to think about making new friends. If nothing else, this is an opportunity to practice your new language skills. You can look at joining organizations and classes.

  1. Are There Cultural Differences You Need To Be Aware Of?

You’ll make mistakes when you arrive in this new country, but make sure you do your research so you know basic etiquette and don’t end up really offending somebody. Be aware of cultural differences and do your best not to offend anybody.

Bonus Tips

  • In some countries, eating with your left hand is offensive. Depending on where you are, make sure you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing.
  • Make sure you know how to greet people.
  • Never refuse a food or drink gift.
  • Speak with a trustworthy real estate agent and make sure you have starter funds for things like electricity, water, internet, and so on.

You can’t expect everything to be perfect right away, so don’t worry about that. Just do your best, do plenty of research, and you should be fine. Do your best to be polite and aware of the country’s customs and etiquette, and make sure you have more money than you think you’re going to need. When you find somewhere to stay, you’ll likely need money for a deposit, as well as rent for the first two months. Having more money than you need and as few belongings with you as possible will make your transition to this unfamiliar country so much better.


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