7 Steps To Improve Your Baking Skills

7 Steps To Improve Your Baking Skills

Baking is a fantastically fun hobby, the chance to express your creative side while making some delicious treats. If you’re looking to improve your baking skills there are many ways you can do so. For a few ideas to get going, try these seven great tips.

1 . Measure properly

When it comes to baking even a measurement that’s slightly out can make a huge difference. It’s important to ensure that your baking measurements are completely accurate. If you are measuring flour try the ‘spoon and level’ approach. This means that you don’t scoop with a measuring cup. You should load the flour into your cup with a spoon. When you’re finished take a knife and level the extra flour on top. 

If you are measuring sugar you can scoop the measuring cup into the bag. Next, use a knife to level it off. Ensure that your measuring scales are properly calibrated.

2 . Take a class

If you want to improve your baking skills, why not take a baking class or course? You might try an in-person class, or check out a course online? Before you book a course it’s a good idea to do your research. Look at testimonials and reviews to find the best class possible. Taking a class can help you to learn plenty of baking techniques and build up your confidence. It’s also a great way to socialize and meet like-minded people. Take a beginner class first, to build up your skills from scratch.

3. Check out apps

Several neat apps can help you to improve your baking skills. For a few starting points, these apps are great choices:

  • Cake Recipe Book: This is a great app to help bakers improve their skills. There are lots of easy cake recipes, with simple tutorials. Choose from pound cakes, red velvet cakes, cheesecakes, and more.
  • 1000 Cake Recipes: With the help of this app you can learn so many tasty new recipes. Check out unique cakes like Strawberry Pina Colada Cake, or Caramel Apple cake. The videos are super easy to follow. You’ll also find a few other delicious desserts like homemade fudge.

4. Get the right tools

To perfect your baking skills you’ve got to have the right tools. There are lots of essential baking tools that you’ll need, including:

  • Measuring Cups: You need to have measuring cups for your ingredients. You’ll need cups for both dry and wet ingredients.
  • Wooden Spoon: These are great for stirring, particularly if you’ve got a dough that’s overly thick.
  • Whisk: Handy for mixing ingredients, (and of course to beat your eggs)!
  • Chef Knife: Essential for cooking in general, not just for baking.

A few more tools you’ll need include a cake pan, a rectangular pan, and a hand mixer. Once you’ve got all the tools you need, it’s far easier to perfect your baking.

5. Practice makes perfect

If you want to get better you’ve got to practice as much as possible. Invite your friends for dinner parties often. Bake for yourself, or volunteer to bake for a local bake sale. Give yourself as much opportunity as you can to perfect your craft and improve. When you’re starting out it’s best to stick to the recipe. Once you’ve got a bit more confidence, you can start to experiment with different ingredients. You might like to keep a record of your favorite recipes, so you can return to them easily. 

6. Get inspired 

One of the best ways to learn is to get inspired, follow food bloggers, look for online recipes, listen to podcasts, and learn all you can. Whether you’re looking to bake southern cornbread cake or the perfect red velvet cake, there are plenty of places to learn online. For more ideas check out podcasts such as Bake From Scratch. The podcast is the perfect tool for any beginner bakers.

7. Join baking communities

To get advice and tips, try joining cooking communities. One great cooking community is DEMI. The community allows you to reach out to your fav chefs and restaurants. You can show appreciation of their cooking skills, or even ask for tips. You can also use DEMI to chat with other people who like to cook the same recipes as you. Communities can help you to learn and grow as a baker.

Once you’ve tried out all these simple tips, you’ll soon see your baking skills improve. There are so many delicious things to bake, and plenty of recipes to try!


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