7 Fun Things to do in the Snow


Snowed in? Beat the chill this winter with these great group and family outdoor winter activities.

It is a given that winter is cold, snowy, icy, and so very long – but it does not have to be dreary as well. For those wondering what to do in the snow, here are seven winter activities for adults and kids can enjoy.

Sledding and Tobogganing

A local hill will cost nothing for some old-fashioned tobogganing. Plastic sleds or toboggans are fairly inexpensive and will work well. “Crazy Carpets” are a favourite and may be the cheapest buy. Also, water tubes are also just as fun on the snow as they are on the water.


This well-loved winter pass-time is enjoyable for the whole family or as a group activity. Someone who does not know how to skate could go with someone who does and have a good time learning. For inexpensive skating, a local pond, marsh or river will make a great outdoor skating rink. Make sure to test the ice to be sure that it is safe to skate on beforehand.


Considering the months of snow the winter brings, skiing should be a fairly favoured sport at this time of year. Experienced skiers will have their favourite place to ski. For inexperienced skiers, it may be a good idea to ask someone who skis often for tips on good places to ski. Also, skiing can be dangerous. Try not to go alone, and consider taking a lesson before attempting large hills.

For those wanting to know what to do with all the snow from the driveway and the growing mounds of it on the lawn, why not to bundle up and take these suggestions:


Kids find it fun to make things with snow, and they love to build snowmen. With the piles of it already on the lawn and more to come, they could make snowmen, snow ladies, snow babies, snow dogs, snow cats – an entire snow family that may make a nice wintry lawn decoration.

Snow Angels

Kids love to make snow angels. It is easier than building a snow family and as soon as the next snowfall comes, they have a new canvas to make more, so the fun lasts.

Snow Forts

Those snow mounds already have a good head start into making snow forts. Just a little digging and a little imagination make for a couple of great snow forts for the children to play in.

Snowball Fights

The snow family is out, the snow angels are made and the forts are ready. A classic snowball fight is a good reason to use those forts and is always a great winter amusement.

Make the best of this winter and cure the winter blues with these easy and fun outdoor activities. But when noses start running and toes start to freeze, one can always come in from the cold and warm up with some hot chocolate.


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