6 Places to Check out in Anguilla

places to visit in anguilla

If you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean Islands, it’s time to do some research in where you want to go.. Actually, there are so many islands over there and each is unique in natural splendor, that it is difficult to choose which part to visit. One option is visiting Anguilla. When it is about an island or beach town in the Caribbean Islands, Anguilla is the top of the list for all of them. By booking homes with a private pool in Anguilla, you can make your vacation luxurious. With dazzling beaches and the vibrant local culture, you will have a great time when you visit. If you are tired of the urban grayness and your monotonous life, this is the place where you can find absolute serenity.

If you are booking your honeymoon, you will find a place you won’t be disturbed and can spend romantic time with your beloved. There are lots of offshore islands where you can be explore places, have an adventure and let your adrenaline rush throughout your body when you are in Anguilla. From visiting the museums and galleries to having great experience of dining at the best restaurants, Anguilla will offer you an extraordinary vacation that you’ve needed. But where should you go if you choose to visit Anguilla?

Visit Shoal Bay East

While you are in Anguilla, the first thing you should visit is the Shoal Bay East beach. Not only in Anguilla, but this is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean Islands. The long stretched talcum beach is really one of the greatest tourist attractions of Anguilla. If you are very much into the adventure sports, and you can do that all here. Go for snorkeling and swimming and you can explore the colorful life under the ocean with fish and coral. The soft and clean sand is also perfect for sun bathing. The beach is quite peaceful and not much crowded. You can rent lounge chairs and beach umbrellas and enjoy the view.

Rendezvous Bay Beach

The four-kilometer stretched white beach looks like the crescent moon from afar. When the white sand beach meets the turquoise blue sea, it creates a heavenly view. Outlined by the lush green palm and coconut trees, it creates a perfect color combination and right out of a postcard. This stretch is calm and shallow. If you are with your family and have kids, this is the best place to stay at while you are in Anguilla. It’s the perfect place to take a day trip for a picnic. You can swim and go for sun-bathing here. This is also a great place for collecting shells. The major attraction of this beach is the exotic beach shacks. Stroll around during the sunset while munching your favorite conch salad.

Meads Bay Beach

This is another popular beach that is located on the west end of Anguilla. This also features white sand beach and calm water, perfect for swimming. This beach is perfect for making your vacation even more luxurious. You will find the plush villas and hotels behind the tropical foliage where you can get the first-class service. There are also lavish restaurants to give you an unforgettable dining experience. But, if you are thinking of budget, the beach is dotted with lots of beach shacks and affordable restaurants.

Sandy Island

When you are in Anguilla, take a boat ride and visit this off-shore cay. It will only take 5 minutes. This tropical island is deserted and that’s why it will give you picturesque view. The greens of the tropical tree, the white of the beach and the blue of the ocean can give you a colorful day to enjoy. Rent lounge chairs and have a picnic over there. Don’t forget to visit the restaurants where you will be offered with the exotic drink punches and the local cuisine.

Heritage Museum Collection

A day at museum is the perfect idea. This is the little museum of Anguilla has a great collection. Basically, the museum has been built with the lifelong collection of the founder Colville Petty OBE. These items will talk about Anguilla’s history that has been cared for him perfectly. This is worth to visit to know the island even better.

Visit Dolphin Discovery

places to visit in anguilla

From the name, you get the idea about the place. Yes, if you want to kiss the lovely dolphins or want to play with them, this is the place you should head towards. In the southeastern part, there is Blowing Point beach where the dolphins leave in an enclosure. There are packages you can choose from to play with them, dance with them or cuddle them. You will also get an educational talk about their lifestyle; there will be a professional photographer who will capture your pictures with dolphins. You will get them afterward.

There are more exotic beaches where you can spend your romantic evenings. For bird watching, you can go to East End Pond. The nightlife is really hot here. So, instead of wasting time, start planning your trip. You will make a lifetime of memories in Anguilla.

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