6 Must-Do Maintenance Jobs Before Your Next Road Trip

6 Must-Do Maintenance Jobs Before Your Next Road Trip

Of all the adventures you need to try before you die, the classic road trip is a great idea, and it can often lead to other expeditions to combine multiple activities into one journey. Whoever you ask, you can expect most people to say that a road trip is high on their list of things to do, and there’s a good reason for this. 

If you love freedom, scenery, and feeling like you’re in a movie, a road trip seems like a fantastic idea. But, before you pull out of your driveway and hit the open road (after dealing with city traffic, of course), there are some essential steps to take to guarantee your trip is a success. 

Cosmetic Upgrades 

Making your car look pretty may not seem too road trippy. After all, the great road trippers of history like Kerouac or Cassady often preferred the banged-up appeal. However, this is the 21st century, and the more in-shape your car is, the easier your trip will be. 

Before setting off, check out your car and look for any damage you can fix or replace. A brand new Audi grill can add a sleek shine to your car, while new tires and rims can provide better protection when you’re hurtling down some of the most scenic stretches in the country. 

Check Your Engine (and Everything That Comes With It)

Another essential component of a successful road trip is your engine. If anything, it’s the most essential component, because you won’t get anywhere otherwise. Checking your engine and everything that comes with it, such as the oil, water, and screen wash, will prevent problems when you inevitably find yourself in the middle of nowhere. 

You’re better off discovering and solving any problems before you leave, so it’s best to check your engine a few weeks before you’re due to depart. This allows you to fix any issues without disrupting or delaying your adventure. 

Plan As Much As Possible 

Although a road trip should be about freedom, there’s no point in ignoring the benefits of technology to help you plan a successful (and safe) road trip. Using the best road trip planner apps can help you work out an itinerary that helps you get from A to B everyday. 

At the very least, these apps can help you get a general idea of where you’re going, even if you need to make a change during the trip. This allows you to be more flexible without feeling you’re driving off into the unknown. 

Brush Up on the Car’s Features

You would be amazed at how many people drive a car without knowing all the features. As you’ll be driving down a lot of open roads without street lamps, you need to know where your high beams are. You should also brush up on replacing a tire, while general maintenance should also be considered. 

It’s worth printing off a manual for all of this to refer to if required. Otherwise, you’ll need to go in blind and could risk making things worse for you and your travel buddies. 

Get a Tune-Up 

You might think you know a lot about cars, but it’s still worth taking your vehicle to the mechanic for a tune-up before you leave. Even if you’ve checked the engine, you may miss other problems that could put you and your crew in danger. 

A tune-up will highlight these issues and help you repair or replace them before leaving. Again, it’s best to do this a few weeks before should the mechanic needs to order parts and wait for delivery before installing them. 

Emergency Supplies

As much as you hope you don’t need to camp on the side of the road, it’s always a possibility. This is why packing an emergency car kit full of supplies will make your situation a little more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Pack plenty of water and snacks. Keep a flashlight, First Aid Kit, blankets, and even spare clothes in your trunk. Portable chargers are another essential, while a small dumbphone may make it easier to get in touch with repair companies or emergency services if you need to use them. 

On the Road 

There are few better feelings than hitting the open road knowing you’re going on an adventure. Still, with a lot of empty stretches to enjoy along the way, you must make sure you’re prepared for anything. Carrying out crucial maintenance before setting off ensures you and your trip mates are safe, and you can overcome any obstacles you encounter along the way. 


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