6 Most Prevalent Motorcycle Injuries

6 Most Prevalent Motorcycle Injuries

Do you remember your first motorcycle ride? Motorcycles are an exciting way to commute, but they offer limited protection to the rider and the passenger. The more ready you are for an accident; the less likely you are to experience one.

Here are the common perils that motorcyclists face and how to avoid them.

Head injury

Your head houses the heaviest organ in your body – the brain. Unfortunately, this is the likeliest body part to suffer injuries during a motorcycle accident. When the brain swells past its confines of the skull, it is a severe recipe for trouble. If the scalp is damaged, cracked, or broken, ensure you receive immediate medical attention. Head damage can vary from a minor concussion to severe brain damage. To protect yourself from this debilitating injury, make sure you wear your helmet the moment you hope on the motorcycle.

Broken bones

After most accidents, motorcycle included, there’s a chance that you will leave with a broken bone or two. In traumatic accidents, bones may split, crack and in severe cases even shatter. In a motorcycle accident, internal injuries and broken bones can result in two ways. The first one is from the impact of the crash, and the other is from flying off the bike and hitting the roadway. To prevent this calamity, ensure you follow the traffic rules.

Muscle damage

Muscle damage on any body part can quickly accelerate to a permanent disability. Prevention boils down to protection, and to do that you should take the vital steps towards protecting all your muscles. Nobody wants to suffer paralysis that will impair their daily activities. The first step toward prevention is learning safe and defensive driving. Wear proper gear such as a helmet and earplugs.

Road rash

It is a common injury sustained in both minor and significant motorcycle accidents. Road rash is usually experienced when a rider slides across a pavement. In case the motorcyclist flies over the handlebars because of the impact, the concrete on the road will rub against their skin by first scraping through the layers of clothing. Sometimes the injuries go beyond simple scraps to long-term skin infection, irritation and nerve damage. To avoid suffering road rash injuries, wear thick clothing layers such as leather garments.

Leg injuries

Motorcycle accidents could also involve the legs, knees, and feet. When such an injury occurs, it is likely to be fatal. Sometimes it might advance into a permanently disabling condition. Injuries suffered by the lower limbs include shattered and broken bones and knees. Sometimes they may consist of cuts, road rash, and scrapes. Kneepads and protective leather clothes are necessary for ensuring the motorcyclist’s safety.

Biker’s arm

Biker’s arm occurs as the accident’s aftermath. A motorcycle lacks the outer steel body that is present in a car. Therefore, they can be thrown off the bike during a crash. As instincts dictate, a rider who is about to be thrown off the motorcycle will draw their arms in front or around one’s self to reduce the impact. In the process, the nerves may be damaged. Consider wearing elbow pads and sturdy jackets to avert serious injuries.

Appreciate that mounting on your motorcycle is a potential for an array of risks. Therefore, ensure you dress appropriately.

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