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5 Ways to Make a Flight Upgrade More Affordable

Many of us have never had the opportunity to fly in first-class style. After all, the price of upgraded tickets can be several thousands of dollars more than you would pay for an economy seat. Of course, that doesn’t make the idea of flying first class or in premium seating any less appealing. From bonus benefits like champagne when you first sit down, to better food, the advantages are endless. The good news is if you’re planning a special trip, or you simply want to check an item off your bucket list, it may surprise you to learn there are ways to make your upgrade more affordable. Here are our top tips. 

Cut Monthly Costs to Add to Your Savings

The first, and perhaps most reliable way to ensure you can afford a better quality of seat for your next trip, is to increase your savings. Look for ways you can reduce your monthly expenses and start saving more money without making a change to your lifestyle. You can take ownership of your financial health by switching your current student loans over to a new provider. Refinancing your loans can save you a fortune on monthly interest fees. 

Be Flexible with Your Travel Plans

Once you’ve started contributing more cash to your travel funds, start thinking about how you can be more flexible with your times and dates. Traveling at quieter times, when the children are at school and people are less likely to be taking a vacation can help you to get some great deals. You can find advice online from major airlines about when they have their off-peak seasons. If you can be flexible with your times, you’re much more likely to get a good deal. 

Show Some Loyalty

Most airlines today have a loyalty program, designed to encourage customers to keep coming back and flying with them. These programs often come with opportunities to earn points and rewards every time you book a seat. The more you fly with a specific airline, the more likely you are to work your way towards bigger bonuses, like a free upgrade. Even if you don’t get a boost to your seat, you can still leverage advantages like extra baggage allowances and the ability to choose your own seats.

Get to Your Flight Early

It is important to many to stay stylish while you travel and your flight status is no exception, but that is not always in the budget. However, if the premium seats on your flight haven’t sold out when the big day arrives, the company may be willing to upgrade a select few people. However, they won’t have infinite seats to give away. Arriving early and speaking politely to the person who processes your ticket could be a great way to ensure you get the offer before anyone else.  

Always Be Kind

Finally, remember getting mad and demanding free things from your airline will almost never lead to the right results. It’s much more likely that an airline employee will want to go above and beyond for you if you treat them with respect and compassion. Even if you’re exhausted, or you’ve been trying to nab a better seat for years, don’t allow your frustrations to get the best of you.

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