5 Ways to Go Green at Home


There are so many ways to go green, it’s hard not to join the movement.

Simple changes at home can make a big difference for both the world and one’s wallet. Make any of these five easy eco-friendly switches and help heal the world from the energy crisis we face.


Around the house, swap old light bulbs for new CFLs. These eco-friendly options use nearly 75% less energy and will last up to 10 times longer. Though they cost more upfront, the overall savings are worth dishing you more up front.


Cut costs and go green by reducing the heat (or air conditioning, depending on the season). Adjusting the thermostat as little as two degrees, will a make big difference. As long as seasonal clothes are worn while at home, the few degree drop won’t be noticed. It’s an easy and fast way to help reduce your energy bill each month and help the environment at the same time.


The dishwasher doesn’t have to be ditched in order to go green. In fact, some studies have shown that hand washing all dishes can waste more water that using the machine. After the washing cycle has run, rather than using the energy-sucking option to heat dry, simply open the dishwasher door a crack. By doing this, the energy usage is cut dramatically (so it your costly bill) and all dishes still end up spotless and dry.

Washing Machine

A similar energy-sucker to the dishwasher, the washing machine is responsible for about 10% of overall energy usage in any given month. When possible, opt for the cold water cycle and avoid running several small loads. Keep costs down by picking one day a week to wash all darks and another day to wash all lights. Front load washers often use up to 2/3 less energy than traditional top load washers. If a new machine is in the cards this year, pick the top load for both the washer and dryer. Check out a selection of the best washers and dryers and find the best one for yourself.


Anything not in use should be unplugged. Of course it’s unrealistic to move and unplug the stove when it’s not in use, so think small items. A computer that sits idol doesn’t have to be plugged in 24/7 or the entire family’s cell phone chargers that sit in the wall with no phones attached to charge. It’s shocking how much can be saved on monthly bills by simply unplugging items that are not in use. This will not only cut your monthly costs, but is an easy way to go green and help the planet.

All five of these eco-friendly tips can help make a difference, but are only a fraction of the ways to help. If the children of the future hope to enjoy the earth as we have so far, changes have to be implemented by everyone to make a difference.


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