5 Steps to Writing Movies Reviews Like a Professional Critic

5 Steps to Writing Movies Reviews Like a Professional Critic

In 1977, two great movies were released in less than two months and although both titles were amazing pieces of cinematography, one of them was overwhelmed by unbelievable reviews of the earlier release. The movies in question were Star Wars and Sorcerer and their story shows the power of movie critics and how it can overshadow the competition and create myths. The best critics can sway the audience and elevate or shatter any movie with just one well-expressed review.

We examined some of the best pieces of movie criticism and went through dozens of essays on movie reviews to come up with some interesting findings. In this article, we’re going to go through five important steps in the professional movie review development process.

Research the main topic of the movie

To come up with a judgment about the quality of a certain movie, we should know what to look for and that takes knowledge. If the movie is science fiction, try to understand the science that the movie is based on so you can feel more comfortable watching the movie and sinking into the plot. There are a lot of free essay examples on TV shows and movies that you can find online to understand how important it is to perform thorough research to discuss any topic on a meaningful level.

Even the movie workers learn everything they need to perform, and some actors even spend time with astronauts, monks, or rock stars to understand them better. Therefore, to provide an informative, descriptive, objective, and entertaining movie review article, it is essential to come to the cinema prepared with more than just popcorns and soda.

Don’t exclude yourself

Don’t avoid introducing your views and arguing your position in the writing process. The audience is always eager for discussion, and you should put your voice out there so the readers could see your point of view and compare it to how they saw things. Create your writing style, give your reviews a distinct tone and vibe, try to imagine you’re giving your best personal impression of the movie you just watched to a friend or colleague. 

Having a distinct, personal and direct approach to a movie review gives you the chance to create a strong image with your audience and develop a personal brand. Some of the best movie critics such as James Agee always add a bit of their humor in every article, they publish so try to make your readers laugh when there’s a chance.

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Prepare a catchy introduction

Think of what’s most important for the movie’s audience at the time you’re writing your review because that will capture the attention of your readers. There’s a vast number of platforms with a database of essay samples on movies and related topics on each of them that show the importance of a good hook. Some writers prepare introductions to their articles once they’ve written the body of the content and consider it an entirely separate piece of content. Whichever method works for you, as long as it intrigues the audience into reading the rest of your work and swallow it to the letter.

Use the hype that builds up for every long-awaited flick and tease the curiosity of the audience with a hint that might tingle their thirst and compel them to read on in hope of getting some more details or even an answer to their questions.

Never spoil a major plot point

There is no excuse for a professional movie critic that reveals a major event or discovers a secret the audience should reveal during the movie. The fact that the entire audience would snuff you and your career as a writer would suffer a significant blow should be enough to understand the implications. As critics, we are just a bridge between the audience and the movie and as such we can only be the connection, but the audience should cross that bridge and get to the movie on its own. 

Those few moments of exclusivity that spoilers bring only benefit those who seek short-term profit and that’s a dead-end street in terms of career path. Mostly spoilers come through websites created just for that purpose, so there’s no need for quality writing because the audience comes only to read the big reveal.

Edit and proofread

Your grammar and spelling should not be an issue if you’re hoping to make a living out of writing so while this step should include checking these two, the main weight of your attention should be focused on rephrasing, improving the writing flow and metrics, and establishing a connection with the direction of the movie plot. Consider introducing metaphors where that’s possible and even comparisons with the director’s previous work or the studio history. Pay attention to places where you can elaborate more on a certain topic to bring the audience closer like letting them know it’s a kind of movie that sends a positive message to children or that it shows the pain of losing a loved one. It’s important not to get carried away at these points and start feeding the audience more information than you should.

Seek out the weak spots in your text and improve them until you are happy with the results. There’s never a perfect solution so don’t go running in circles. 


These were five important elements of movie writing but there are many more aspects of this craft that you should research and apply. Consider these guidelines as you create your path to every article and learn from your own experience in the process to improve every new release. Never forget you write to satisfy the expectation of your readers but also to make yourself proud of your work.

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