5 Simple Ways You Can Have a Positive Effect on the Environment


5 ways to help the environment

Human activities have a very big impact on the environment. The impact can either be positive or negative. The negative impact is usually as a result of improper waste disposal and poor use of resources. This ends up ruining the environment and the quality of life for humans, animals, and plants. As an individual or company, below are some tips you can apply to overcome the negatives and have a more positive impact on the environment.


The first way you can have a positive impact on the environment is by reducing your expenditure. This involves simple practices such as writing on both sides of paper sheets to reduce purchase, taking shorter showers, turning down the heating thermostat, and sharing a car with a co-worker. Reducing saves the environment in two key ways. One, you reduce waste. Two, you preserve natural resources that are used in the manufacture of different products.

Support Companies That Recycle

Supporting companies that recycle is another simple way individuals can contribute to a better environment. Just like reducing, recycling reduces waste that goes to landfill and conserves resources. Therefore, the next time you go shopping, look for products that are made from recycled materials. Additionally, you can support recycling companies through donations or volunteering in their activities.

Finally, consider hiring a professional waste removal company that recycles. When you get rid of your unwanted junk using Envirowaste, non-biodegradable materials which can’t be reused are separated and taken to recycling facilities. The others are refurbished and donated to charity, thus reducing the waste that goes to landfill.

Plant Trees

Planting trees has enormous benefits to the environment. Trees remove carbon dioxide and other contaminants from the air and produce oxygen that humans require every second of their life. Additionally, they reduce the ozone levels, offer cooling benefits on a hot day, absorb noise, and offer a habitat for birds and other animals. For a homeowner, having some trees in your garden can lower your energy bills by a good percentage. Also, they can boost the aesthetic appeal of your home and create a good environment for relaxing outdoors.

If you live in a flat or any other rental property, don’t be shy to talk to the owner about the benefits of trees. Additionally, take part in tree planting campaigns and support tree planting initiatives in public places. Finally, whenever you cut a tree, or it falls down on rainy and windy days, ensure it is replaced immediately.

Use Non-Toxic Products

Toxic cleaning detergents, fertilisers, and insecticides are major causes of water, air, and soil pollution. Drinking contaminated water is harmful to health. It can cause the death of aquatic animals and plants and health issues such as cancer for humans. Therefore, try as much as possible to use natural and organic products that are not toxic to reduce such pollution. Any dangerous wastes should not be swept off to the streets because it can find its way into the public water system. You should contact a company that handles hazardous wastes for proper disposal.

Use Minimal Packaging

Whether you are a big company packing goods for consumers or a mother packing snacks for your kids, use minimal packing material. Packing material usually gets thrown away with garbage and thus using less can lower the amount of rubbish. Where possible, use packing materials that can be recycled and educate your family or customers on the benefits of reusing and recycling.

Many businesses prefer to be environmentally friendly as they increase their sustainability status as a company by taking care of the environment. Moreover, they reduce carbon footprint and contribute to the process of protecting our planet. One of the effective ways is using a reusable bio-based packaging in your business processes.

By applying the above tips, you will have played your part in preserving the environment. In addition to the above, familiarise yourself with environmental protection laws in your area and adhere to them.

Here are some nice tips on energy efficiency for businesses: https://www1.fsgi.com/energy-efficiency-guide/


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