5 Simple Entertainment Tips To Make Hosting Any Party Easier

Easy Hosting Ideas

With only a couple weeks left until the holiday – we’re already planning on how we’re going to celebrate with our friends and family. You know that it means that we’re going have several parties over the next week and there isn’t enough time in the days or weeks to prepare everything we want.

Thankfully, our friends at Kroger invited us to explore some of their new products and shared some great ways we can take some of the stress out of the holidays with their new campaign Eatertaining Made Simple – and that includes items you can pick up at your local store anytime. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year – why spend it stressed out?

Find Local Products to Fill Your Table

Easy Hosting Ideas

One of the great things about Michigan is the diversity in produce and products that are made here. We love finding new products from the area every time we go to the store and Kroger loves to champion local Michigan companies. You can find them throughout your local store with “Made in Michigan” tags on the shelves, or even on Local Made product displays in different areas.

From jams, canned food, chips, frozen foods and much much more you can find plenty of options in store that are made sometimes just down the street from you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what you can find on their site as well as in store if you want to help local small business grow.

Don’t Shy Away From Pre-Made Food

Easy Hosting Ideas

Let’s face it – prepping the snacks and the meal is a lot of work. While your family is watching their favorite holiday special, you’re going to be in the kitchen a lot. But if you’re too tired, don’t have the time or just don’t want to do it – there are plenty of options as well. Grab a pre-made veggie tray, deli tray, cheese board, snacks and much more. They are already set up with everything you need presentation wise and it often is cheaper than buying the ingredients yourself.

Be more present with your family, and make sure you have the time to enjoy the holiday with your family as well. Another bonus – less dishes to do!

Create A Cheese Board You Will be Proud of

If you really want to make your own cheeseboard or just love exploring different cheeses – Kroger has your back on that too. In select stores you will find a Murray’s Cheese location, where not only do they have certified cheese experts but one of the largest varieties of cheeses in the state.

Not sure what type of cheese you want on your cheese board? Ask for a sample and try different combinations of textures and flavors. Pair them with your favorite herbs, fruit, jams, crackers and nuts. While you can pick up a prepared cheeseboard at Murray’s, know that there is no wrong way to make your own and you can change your guests food experience just by changing up a few ingredients at a time.

Get a Dessert Everyone Will Love

Easy Hosting Ideas

If you’re not the best at baking, no sweat! There are plenty of options and things you can do to bring a dessert to the holiday party or for your own. From prepared cookies, brownies and even whole cheesecakes you don’t have to be bland when you’ve been tasked with bringing the dessert. A simple cheesecake with fresh fruit or even a jam pairing will bring in some variety and make everyone ask you to bring it to the next party!

Make your Own Signature Cocktail and Mocktail Options

Easy Hosting Ideas

Want to really bring some sparkle to the party? It doesn’t even have to be fancy or even alcoholic but having your own custom drink can be a fun way to add in that missing element. Grab your favorite sparkling water, add in a splash of fruit and some ice and you will have a drink that people will not be able to stop talking about. Pair it with a little rum and vodka and it will be a fun way to ring in the New Year or even a fun drink for when Santa comes down the chimney.


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