5 Outdoor Hobbies To Keep Your Summer Interesting

5 Outdoor Hobbies To Keep Your Summer Interesting

In the summer, everyone wants to get out of the house, have some fun and enjoy the outdoors. For many people, that means heading to their local park or going on road trips to scenic locations. If you are also looking for a new hobby and summer activities that don’t involve sitting inside or staying glued to your TV all day, you’ll love these outdoor hobbies for adults


If you’ve seen photos of people flying above the mountains or the ocean on a large parachute, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like to do it. Paragliding is a sport where you jump off a hill or mountainside using a large parachute-like wing. You can steer in any direction and glide through the sky with the wind. You’ll want a partner to paraglide, as the experience is a two-person activity. For tips, check out this guide from Jerome Clavel for more information to get started with paragliding.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping, also known as free diving, is a sport where you jump off a cliff or high-rise into the water below. Cliff jumping is a very popular extreme sport that is done in many places across the world. Cliff jumping is a very dangerous sport, so if you plan to try it, check the area to ensure it is safe and have the right gear to protect yourself. Cliff jumping is not a sport for everyone, but if you are an extreme person who loves a rush, then you might find this new hobby very appealing.

Ultimate Frisbee

This is a classic summertime activity that has been around since the 1960s. If you’ve ever played or seen a game of Ultimate Frisbee before, then you know it’s a fast-paced sport that keeps your heart rate up. Ultimate Frisbee is an excellent game for all skill levels and can be played almost anywhere as long as there is enough space for two teams to play. Ultimate Frisbee is played with two groups of seven people on a large field with an end zone in each corner. The game’s object is to score points by catching the disc in the opposing team’s end zone. 


Photography is a hobby that can be done indoors and out, and it can be done with any camera. You can use your smartphone, a DSLR camera, or even a compact camera to take pictures. A great place to take photos that’s close to most major cities is a city park. You can take photos of flowers, wildlife, or even just the architecture of the buildings around you. You can also challenge yourself to take pictures at night to improve your skills further.


Archery is a sport where you use a bow and arrow to hit targets. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this classic outdoor sport. You can try many different types of archery, including target archery, field archery, and 3D archery. You can find archery classes in many places, where you can learn the basics and sharpen your skills. You can also purchase your own bow and arrows and practice on your own in your backyard or a local park.

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