42West SXSW 2024 Slate

42West SXSW 2024 Slate

It looks like we’re in for an interesting time at SXSW This year with new documentaries and a lot of other great movies to check out. Here is the latest list from 42West and what they’re bringing to the festival this year.

BOB TREVINO LIKES IT — Directed and Written by Tracie Laymon

World Premiere – Narrative Feature Competition— Acquisition

BOB TREVINO LIKES IT is inspired by the true friendship that writer/director Tracie Laymon found with a stranger when looking for her father online. 

Often playing the role of caretaker to people like her father who should be caring for her, Lily Trevino longs for a familial connection, having been abandoned by her mother as a child and then suddenly by her father in her twenties.

Bob Trevino works long hours alone at a construction company to support his wife Jeanie’s scrapbooking habit. The couple has endured a lot in the past decade, and Bob has sought to put his wife first, to the point of ignoring his own feelings and need for friendship, meaning, and connection. That is, until he gets an unexpected Facebook message from a stranger.

Lily and Bob’s blossoming friendship becomes a vital source of connection and healing in both their lives. Bob’s small acts of fatherly kindness fill a familial void in Lily’s life and hold the power to change her direction forever. In their own ways, these two must both learn they are worthy of extraordinary love exemplified through small acts of kindness. 

Executive Produced by Carl Effenson, Barbie Ferreira, John Leguizamo, Kirk D’Amico, Mike Sobiloff, Peter Sobiloff, Dale Holdren, Rose Stewart

Produced by Tracie Laymon, Sean Mullin, Edgar Rosa, Felipe Dieppa

Starring Barbie Ferreira, John Leguizamo, French Stewart, Lauren “Lolo” Spencer, Rachel Bay Jones

CLEMENTE — Directed by David Altrogge

World Premiere – Documentary Spotlight – Acquisition

Roberto Clemente is one of baseball’s most iconic figures. As the first high-profile Latino player to play in MLB in the United States, Roberto’s extraordinary career opened the door for generations of Latino baseball players to come. However, it is Roberto’s remarkable life off the field that defined his legacy. His fearless fight for social justice and racial equality. His fierce commitment to society’s marginalized and under-represented. His sacrificial death for the victims of the 1972 Nicaraguan earthquake. This is the story of a man who showed that a life lived with passion and conviction can truly change the world. This is the story of an icon.

Executive Produced by Richard Linklater, Roberto Clemente Jr., Luis Roberto Clemente, Enrique Roberto Clemente, Laura Heberton, Duane Rieder, & Jim Evans

Produced by Mike Blizzard, Mary Sabol, Sarah Altrogge, Jocelyn Hartnett, Stephen Turselli, Keith Ayers, Andrew Calvetti, Steve Burman, John Scanlon

Participants: Vera Clemente, Roberto Clemente Jr., Luis Roberto Clemente, Enrique Clemente, Rita Moreno, Michael Keaton, Tom Morello, Francisco Lindor, Yadier Molina, Bob Costas

DESERT ROAD — Directed and Written by Shannon Triplett

World Premiere – Narrative Spotlight – Acquisition

A young woman driving through the desert stops at a gas station to fill her tank. After getting back on the road, she blows a tire and her car gets stuck on a boulder. Suffering a head injury, she stumbles back to the gas station, but after getting creeped out by the attendant she looks elsewhere for help. She passes an eerie factory where there’s no sign of anyone, but as she continues walking she’s shocked to find herself standing right in front of her car again… without any recollection of having circled back. There’s nothing out there…just her crashed car, the gas station, and the mysterious factory. No matter which way she goes, it’s all she can find. As night falls and creepy people from the desert emerge, she fears she’s going to die on this endless desert road. 

Executive Produced by Roy Lee, Tuan Bui, Thinh Nguyen

Produced by Steven Schneider, Josh Clayton, Kirk Martin, Alec Roth, Lauren Bates, Sam Cohan, Roy Lee

Starring Kristine Froseth, Frances Fisher, Beau Bridges, Ryan Hurst, D.B. Woodside, Max Mattern, Rachel Dratch, Edwin Garcia II

FLY — Directed by Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau

World Premiere – Documentary Spotlight — National Geographic Documentary Films 

To stand on the edge of a cliff and throw your body into the wind, one has to be willing to lose everything. That could mean the love of your life, or it could be the life you love. Over seven years, FLY follows three couples entwined in the world of BASE jumping risk everything for the rush of feeling truly alive.

Produced by Christina Clusiaz and Shaul Schwarz

THE GUTTER — Directed by Yassir Lester and Isaiah Lester | Written by Yassir Lester

World Premiere — Narrative Spotlight — Acquisition

When frequently fired Walt lands a position tending bar and de-roaching shoes at his local bowling alley AlleyCatz, he feels like he finally found a home. When money issues threaten AlleyCatz, Walt is pressured by former pro-bowler and current champion drinker Skunk to accept his role as the greatest bowler ever put on this earth. While Walt’s love of big checks and in-your-face style of play dominates the pro tour, his detractors, including “Bowl Lives Matter” host Angelo Powers and fresh-out-of-retirement bowling-legend Linda “The Crusher” Curson, furiously attempt to snuff out Walt’s flame before it burns too bright.

Executive Produced by Tristen Tuckfield, Jared Hess, Helen Estabrook, Jillian Apfelbaum

Produced by Liz Destro

Starring Shameik Moore, Susan Sarandon, D’Arcy Carden, Jay Ellis, Jackée Harry, Paul Reiser

SEW TORN — Directed by Freddy Macdonald

World Premiere — Visions — Acquisition

Barbara Duggen, ‘The Mobile Seamstress’, is struggling to keep her fabric shop alive. After a botched sewing appointment sets her on a quest to replace her client’s lost button, she unexpectedly stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad. Faced with two downed motorcyclists, guns, and a briefcase – Barbara is completely torn. She is forced to pick between three choices: commit the perfect crime, call the police, or drive away.

The narrative presents the repercussions of all three decisions, and the deadly confrontations that result from each as she gets entangled with the case’s owner. Using thread to free herself, Barbara stops at nothing to save her store.

Executive Produced By Ronnie Lott, John Zavitsanos, Michael Zilkha, Baird Craft, Tristan Aufiero, Elena Kourkoumelis, John Dillon Powell, Amy Lin, William Lin, Didi Wong, Gary MacDermid, Oliver Keller

Produced By Fred Macdonald, Barry Navidi, Sebastian Klinger, Diamantis Zavitsanos, Socratis Zavitsanos

Starring Eve Connolly, Calum Worthy, John Lynch, K Callan, Ron Cook, Thomas Douglas, Werner Biermeier, Caroline Goodall


World Premiere — Documentary Spotlight – Documentary Feature

Hiding behind the shiny Instagram façade of Brandy Melville, a go-to clothing brand for young women, is a shockingly toxic culture, that lies within the global fast fashion industry.

Director: Eva Orner

Producers: Jonathan Chinn, Simon Chinn, Eva Orner

Cinematographer: Nick Higgins

Editor: Claire Didier

Music: Cornel Wilczek

Line Producer: David Kraemer

SHE LOOKS LIKE ME — Directed by Torquil Jones

World Premiere —Documentary Spotlight — Acquisition

Born without legs, Jen Bricker is abandoned at the hospital by her biological parents. Raised in Illinois, Jen begins to idolize America’s superstar gymnast – the mesmerizing Dominique Moceanu. As Jen watches on from afar, Dominique wins gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics before becoming a pioneering voice in the sport, calling out institutional abuse that would culminate in the Larry Nassar scandal. Inspired by her hero Dominique, Jen competes at the junior Olympics and goes on to become a world-famous aerialist and motivational speaker, her online videos viewed over 180 million times. But little does Jen know that all along, she and Dominique share a shocking secret.

Executive Produced By Gabriel Clarke, Barry Smith, John McKenna, Bonamy Grimes

Produced By Ian Davies, Lindsey Dryden, Torquil Jones

Starring Dominique Moceanu, Jen Bricker, Sharon Bricker, Simone Biles, Jennifer Sey, Tasha Schwikert

MARVIN IS SORRY – Directed by Clint Pang

World Premiere — Independent TV Pilot Competition 

While filming a challenge video, famed YouTuber Marvin Weaver accidentally causes a fan’s death, and is swiftly banned from legitimate online platforms. Marvin’s manager, Randi, convinces him to do the right thing and reconcile with the fan’s parents. Unfortunately, Marvin’s half-hearted apology only makes things worse. However, Tag Taggart, an alt-right news host looking to reach younger audiences, invites Marvin on his show. After falling out with Randi, Marvin sees no other option. He goes on Tag’s show to make a public apology, but is manipulated into a cathartic denial of responsibility in the fan’s death. With the episode drawing record views, Tag sees a future for Marvin on the show.

Executive Produced by Caroline Pommert-Allegrante, Joanna Levinger, Andrew Gehrlein, Jennifer Gehrlein, Mike Gacek, Robert J. Fiondella, Robert W. Fiondella

Produced by Aidan Erbter, Kenzie Packer

Starring Sam Song Li, Matt Walton, Haskiri Velazquez, Lea Zawada, Donna Vivino, Lucas Caleb Rooney



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