40 Canning Recipes to Stock Your Shelves!

40 canning recipes to stock your shelves

We’re looking at some of the best ways you can not only prolong the life of the fruits and veggies you may have grown in your garden (or are planning on it) or fill the shelves with healthy food options your family will enjoy.

If you were lucky enough to be able to have a garden this year, you probably are overwhelmed with the delicious fresh bounty fruits and veggies! We’ve put together a collection of 40 great recipes for canning so you can enjoy your hard work all year long! Recipes vary from easy freezer jams to pressure cooking. It’s a great collection to get started canning and stock your cupboards with fresh and local food!


Find a great deal on some fruit and need something to do with it before it all goes bad? Or want to make your own recipes for later – these are a great way to use some stone fruit, apples and other holiday favorites.


One of our absolute favorites is canning or own tomatoes, since it reduces our families exposure to BPA products – but they’re also the ones we use the most often in our recipes at home. But that’s not the only vegetable we’re canning – from beans to our own pumpkin to use year round!

Meals, Soups and Stocks

Did you know you can can your soups and stocks to use for cooking later? It takes a little work now but you’ll have them on hand for those days you’re slammed and just don’t want to cook or heat up the house.


From pantry staples to pasta sauce – you can make your own at home with your own fresh ingredients. Control what is in your meals and enjoy it year round.

Jellies, Jams and Dessert Toppings

Jams and Jellies are the gateway canning recipes – they’re so easy to make and taste so good! They are flexible and easy to change up for your own flavors.


Pickling is one of our favorites and an area we’re looking to expand on our site. It’s easy to do and can add some fun flavor to some of your favorite fruits and veggies year round.

**Article was updated on April 2020 and recipes were removed if the sites were no long active, and newer recipes were added.**


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