4 Ways to Travel to Dubai that Fits Your Budget

4 Ways to Travel to Dubai that Fits Your Budget

Dubai is regarded as the jewel of the Emirates. In the last few decades, it has experienced a transformation from a traditional city to a world-class luxury destination. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. People from all corners of the earth, visit this city to enjoy its luxurious amenities. Since the city is designed to cater to fine tastes, things are quite expensive here. This makes it fairly difficult to backpack or travel to this destination cost-effectively. Despite this, it is possible. Here are 4 ways to travel to Dubai, which will fit your budget.

Get a cheap flight to Dubai

There are some websites where you can book cheap flights to Dubai from all major cities. There are bonuses, offers on flights to this city during the high holidays. Moreover, you can cash in your frequent flyer miles so as to get affordable tickets. Upon arrival, you will land at either the Dubai International Airport or Al Maktoum International Airport.

Get affordable transportation

Dubai is a huge city sitting in an area of 40 by 40 km square. As such, there are very long distances from one attraction to the other. There is a single metro line and the bus system is not convenient. This leaves only the option of traveling by car. Despite these challenges, it is still quite possible to travel within the metropolis on a budget.

When using the Metro, ask for an NOL card instead of single tickets. This card will cost you 20AED and provide you with an extra 15AED of credit. This gives you more mileage in the metro. If you decide to travel by bus, pick line number 8 because it runs parallel to many interesting attractions.

If you are traveling in a group, the best option is to rent a car. Fuel is very cheap here. Moreover, the best attractions are found in the city’s outskirts. If you arrive from the USA, South Korea, the European Union, Australia or Japan, you can rent a car using your home country’s driving license. Otherwise, carry along this Official document so as to rent a vehicle. Hertz is a good car rental company to consider.

Dining at pocket-friendly prices in Dubai

In Dubai, there are culinary delights from all over the world. However, some of them cost a fortune. If you want to enjoy the city on a budget, it is important to know what and where to eat. Don’t eat in hotels and restaurants that serve alcohol. This is because they charge double the amount due to the fact that you can order some wine or beer with your meal.

Get the Entertainer app. It connects you with an amazing 2 for 1 meal offers in many Dubai restaurants. Also, eat at the food courts within malls. Here, you can enjoy filling dish for as little as 25AED. For the most affordable dining, cook your own meals. You can buy some groceries from the LULU Hypermarket and prepare them in your kitchen.

Drinking without breaking the bank

Dubai is a very conservative Muslim metropolis. This means that alcohol taxes are quite high. For example, a

pint of beer costs 40AED or $12 USD. Despite the high cost of alcohol, it is still possible to enjoy some drinks without breaking the bank. Begin by downloading an app named Guzzle. It connects you to 2 for 1 offer on drinks in many restaurants around the city. You can download this app for free.

You can also get cheap drinks during Happy Hour. It ranges from 5.00pm to 8.00pm on Sunday to Thursday. On Tuesdays, many clubs host ladies night. In clubs such as China Grill, ladies can drink for free all night!

The rules and regulations in Dubai indicate that you need to be a resident and hold an alcohol license to buy some drinks. As a tourist, you can go to the airport duty-free and buy as much alcohol as you need. After that, you can travel with it wherever you want.

Known for its luxurious malls and skyscrapers, Dubai is a beautiful city in the sand. While it costs quite a lot to live, wine and dine in this city, there are ways to enjoy it at pocket-friendly prices. The tips above can assist you to accomplish this and have a roaring good time!

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