4 Ways To Make Your Back Garden More Relaxing

how to make a relaxing garden

The garden is many things to many people. For some it’s a playground for their kids, littered with gaudy plastic toys, inflatable paddling pools and trampolines. For others its a place where nutritious and delicious organic vegetables are grown by people who will settle for nothing but the best when it comes to their family’s nutrition. Others may consider their gardens a shrine to nature’s majesty, lovingly tended with a wide array of plants and flowers to give them a daily dose of nature’s splendor.

Whatever the primary purpose of your outdoor space, it should above all be a place in which you can relax. The trouble is that sometimes our gardens can feel pretty far from relaxing. Whether we’re enslaved to our perfectionism and find disquiet in every leaf. Whether we can’t go barefoot in our garden without stepping on a lego brick or something equally agonizing. Or whether we’re just frustrated at the batch of bare earth where tomatoes should be flowering, we all need to take steps to make our gardens mlore relaxing sometimes.

Here are a few tips to help make your garden a veritable oasis of calm, even when the rest of your life is chaotic…

Install a water feature

We all know that proximity to nature can help us feel calmer and improve our mental health, but being near water has relaxing and restorative benefits of its own. If you’re looking for a bold statement piece that also helps you feel calm and serene, head on over to Living Water Aeration and check out their wide range of water features. They’re easy to install and add a real wow factor to your garden… Just don’t blame us if your water feature makes you need to use the bathroom.

Cut down on clutter

It’s great to have furniture out in the garden when guests are around to share in your own personal piece of nature’s bounty. But when your view of your perfectly verdant lawn is broken up by white plastic sun loungers or your award worthy rhododendrons are masked by patio furniture, it’s time to clear away the clutter. Clutter is every bit as distracting and psychologically damaging in the garden as it is in the home. Tidy as much as you can away in the garage or your garden shed. You can also try to soundproof your garden shed for blocking noises, this way you can be more relax on your garden.

Throw some shade

It’s great to get out in the sun sometimes, but at the height of summer, the searing heat can make us… For want of a better word… cranky. We feel irritable, sweaty, hot and itchy. We can’t relax or concentrate on the book we’re reading and we’re seriously considering going indoors and having done with it. That’s why it’s essential to have some kind of reprieve from the sun in your garden whether it’s in the form of a gazebo, a large parasol or even a dense, shady plant.

Rock yourself to serenity

Plants and flowers aren’t the only thing in your garden that can bring you peace and serenity. Why not dedicate a part of your outdoor space to creating your very own Japanese style rock garden? They’re easy to prepare and maintain and wondrous to behold, instilling a sense of Zen like calm.

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  1. I have a water fountain in my garden. My husband was suggesting we create a space for gazebo. Is it a viable idea?

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