Things to do with Kids at the Michigan Ren Fest

4 Things to Do with Little Ones at the Michigan Renaissance Festival #mirenfest

It’s the end of summer and that means it is time for the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Michigan Ren Fest is a yearly family friendly event that gives you a chance to experience life during the 16th century. There is mix of royalty, magic, and fan-faire that lifts the spirits and allows many faire goers the chance to live in a different time for a day or two.

Things to do with Kids at the Michigan Ren FestMichigan Renaissance Festival is always a high spirited, fun place with lots to see and do. There are shops galore and shows to tickle your fancy but a lot of those are geared towards adults. So is it worth taking your little ones to the festival? After going to the festival for years, both with and without kids I say take them!

Sure, they are not going to be interested in the shops, some of the shows, and if you are my kids you have no interest in the food there. Here are my top 4 activities to do with your little ones while at Ren Fest. Side note: If you dress up, dress your kids up. Even if you do not wear a time appropriate outfit, try to dress the kids up. They have more fun I think. A simple fairy or pirate outfit can be found anywhere this time of year.

  1. Meet the Queen! That is meet the Queen if you can. The ladies of the court and the Queen love meeting the little ones. She is generous and kind and there is so much fan-faire around her that it just brings smiles to the kids’ faces. She even gives gifts! My daughter got a golden ring from her this year and would not take it off.
  2. Face painting. My littles are too little to play the games but they are never too little for face painting. There are numerous stands around the festival with hundreds of different designs. The attention they get with a face painting and the joy on their face makes it a must do for kids. Even my tween daughter loves a good face painting!
  3. Playground and age appropriate crafts. When it comes to taking little ones to the festival, I suggest you at least go with 2 adults. This ensures everyone gets the most of their time there. While one adult may be taking in a show, the other can be hanging out on the playground with the littles. The playground is huge with lots to do and plenty of ways to run off some energy. There are also fairies (usually) who are doing FREE age appropriate crafts. Kids love making their own craft and taking it home.
  4. Take them to an event. The events are different then the shows in a way that they are grander and fun for all ages. The most notable is the jousting. The knights really put on a show with the jousting, it’s fast paced and the little ones love it! There are also special events on certain weekend, we saw them getting ready for the archery competition while we were there. This year there was even a mini petting zoo that you could go into. The little animals were soft and adorable. You might even get licked by a cow.

If you have ever been to the festival you know that there is so much to see and do that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. If you are planning on taking little ones, and you should, do not over schedule your day. They cannot keep the same pace we do but the wonder and awe in their eyes makes a slower day completely worth it. Be sure to check out the festival website here to see what special events are taking place or to learn more. Do you have any other tips for the Michigan Renaissance Festival with little ones?

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