4 Reasons Why You Need To Start Thinking About Fuel Efficiency

4 Reasons Why You Need To Start Thinking About Fuel Efficiency

The idea of fuel efficiency may be nothing new, but it is a metric that is gaining increasing time in the lime-light as consumers begin to open their eyes to the effects of climate change and the fact that they could be saving some serious money by choosing a more eco-friendly vehicle. Big engines and gas-guzzling cars may still have a place on race-tracks and in history, but times are changing and for the everyday driver, fuel efficiency is becoming ever more important. Here are four reasons why you may want to take a look at the fuel efficiency of your car and to see if you could exchange it for a more fuel-efficient model. 

Fuel efficiency doesn’t mean weak

When eco-friendly cars first came to market, there was a common misconception that they were in some way less capable than their gas-guzzling relatives. Over the years brands such as Tesla, LandRover and Porsche have all gone out of their way to create powerful, fast, and impressive vehicles that deliver a punch under the bonnet without consuming gallons of fuel, or in the case of Tesla, any petrol at all. Fuel-efficient off-road cars used to be the subject of myth and legend, whereas now, they are available from every renown manufacturer.

Less fuel = more money

Perhaps the most obvious reason why a more fuel-efficient car could be of benefit to you is that it will save you some serious money. Getting 60, 70 or 80 miles to the gallon out of your vehicle will mean that you can go much further on a single tank of fuel, meaning that you need to take your card out at the petrol station just that little bit less often. As well as saving money on fuel costs, you could also see your annual road tax bill decrease with a more fuel-efficient car, and in some cases, your insurance costs may even go down too.

It’s better for the planet

Having seen first hand the effects of climate change ravaging our planet, there has never been a better time to do your bit and to reduce your carbon footprint. With the average new car emitting 128.3g/km of CO2, even small changes towards more eco-friendly motors can make a big difference during a single journey, and quickly adds up over the course of a year. Of course, the more fuel-efficient your car, the better for the planet, with electric and hybrid motors now widely considered to be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable form of vehicle ownership. 

They’re the cars of the future

And finally, with government restrictions increasing and more pressure being placed on people to take responsibility for the sustainability of their actions, it’s important to realise that fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles are quickly becoming the motors of the future. In ten years time, the market for diesel and petrol gas guzzlers will be dwindling and it will be harder to resell your vehicle. 

So there you have it – just four of the reasons why you need to start thinking a little more about fuel-efficiency, are you convinced? 

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