How Travel Can Benefit Your Mental Health

3 Unmissable Experiences for the International Opportunist

Wishing there were more opportunities to travel in your everyday life?

It’s a struggle every nomad knows all too well.  

Throw in a global pandemic and months of national lockdowns and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some pretty cooped up travellers itching to 

But even once we’re safe and vaccinated, good chance we may be up against the same obstacles we always faced – responsibilities and commitments keep us tied down stop us from living our dreams. Surely there must be another way?  

If you’re searching for the secret to travel freedom in the future and beyond, these three tips could just be the key to making it happen  

1. Go freelance  

Maybe the idea of working as a freelancer is a fantasy you’ve briefly entertained in the past, but never seriously considered as a potential reality. 

Or perhaps it’s something that has never even crossed your mind, particularly if your idea of freelance work is limited to writers, artists or photographers. But if you have IT or tech skills, experience in web design or even professional expertise that could be of use to other professionals in a consulting capacity like management or HR, you could build a career as a traveling freelancer.  

It’s a chance to establish yourself, build a portfolio and become your own boss, all whilst exploring the world. Finding work on the road can be a challenge, of course, but no more so than it is at home. 

And it doesn’t have to be a permanent arrangement – so long as you have enough work to support yourself for the duration of your adventures, you can always return to a traditional office role later. Plus, freelance experience looks great on CVs, as it proves to your employer that you have good time management and organisational skills and are capable of working independently.

2. Find new friends 

You like to think you make the most of your travel adventures. 

But if you’re the sort of person who struggles to put themselves out there in social situations, chances are you’ve been missing out on incredible opportunities to connect with others from around the world. 

Hostelworld has some fantastic tips for meeting new people whilst traveling, but no matter what, remember that safety is of the utmost importance, especially if you’re traveling solo!  

3. Live abroad 

Ever wished you were living your best life on the beach, 24/7? 

Well it may be easier than you think to do just that. 

Residency-by-investment programs (often known as Golden Visas) offer international investors the chance to live and work freely across the world. In real terms, you could be living in your dream home and expericing the world first-hand.

Portugal has one of the best Golden Visa programs around as it enables beneficiaries to enjoy the perks of the country’s EU membership, including visa free travel around Europe. Property Lisbon has extensive experience in helping investors find their perfect match in Portugal, which is a rising star for tourists and expats alike.

Don’t let these incredible travel opportunities pass you by – seize the day! Well, as soon as it’s safe.

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