3 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For You

3 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For You

Yoga is an incredible modality of exercise that has been used for centuries and has been revealed to create a real impact on your mental, emotional and physical health. It can target your muscle strengthening and relax in a dynamic way with less likelihood of injury that highly strenuous exercise can cause.

It’s also relaxing, revitalizing, and helps to reduce muscle aches and pain from stress and tension. If you’re spiritually inclined, there are also branches of yoga that include a spiritual practice or further health-improving practices such as tantra or pranayama.

1. Improve Your Flexibility

Stretching your muscles a little every day is a good way to keep your muscles limber. Integrating a morning ritual of doing yoga can help prep you for a day where you feel relaxed and your body has more free movement.

Regularly practicing yoga can also help to reduce the likelihood of acquiring an injury from strained or pulled muscles. Often tense muscle that becomes condensed in the body has a tendency to become hyper-extended by sudden movement or strenuous activity. This can cause small tears or bruising, limiting movement and becoming very painful. The best way to address this is by taking preventative measures to keep your muscles and ligaments flexible and strong.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Almost everyone has the experience of struggling with stress these days. We’re typically so busy and have an endless to-do list hanging over our heads. There’s not often much time to catch our breath or take care of our health throughout our daily basis.

Taking time away to do yoga, can create a new routine in your life that keeps stress levels down and helps combat elevated blood pressure levels. This can have long-term and immediate benefits to your health and mental clarity. Make small efforts to provide nurturing for your body will add up over time and help you to maintain good health in the long run.

3. Muscle Strength And Tone

Most of us have a vague or passionate goal of looking good and being stronger. It’s convenient, helps with confidence, and makes life easier. Yoga is a great method to improve that overall strength, providing a low-intensity work out that engages core muscles and builds that strength.

Anyone can practice yoga no matter your age. Many of the poses can be modified for intensity and increased effectiveness over time for varying difficulties. You may be surprised in your first yoga class to find out how much of an intense workout it can be. But there are also many methods of practicing yoga that is considered easier and more gentle on the body.

Yoga can produce a wide range of benefits, from looking good to feeling good! Your body, mind, and emotions can all benefit from making the time to add a yoga routine into your life. Even just taking 15 minutes a day can be effective enough to see results. Don’t put it off any longer, try adding yoga to your routine!

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