3 Ideas for Putting a Relaxing Garden Together

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You should take every opportunity that you can to spend some time outdoors. Especially during the summer months.

These days a lot of us don’t get as much fresh air as we probably should, and I’d say a big part of the reason for that is because we spend the whole day working.

When we get home after work, usually we just want to relax. Going out again just to be outside feels like a chore.

If you don’t work indoors then it’s a different story of course, but for a lot of us it’s eight hours in the office and then five or six at home before bed.

That’s all that we really have the energy for. So why not make your garden a place that you can retreat to after a hard days work?

You can make some changes to your backyard so that you can go there just to relax and get some fresh air and sun at the same time.

Here’s three ideas for making your garden a more relaxing place.

1.    Comfortable Seating

Typically garden furniture is not the most comfortable furniture that you’ll find. It tends not to be designed for comfort, but more to fend of bad weather.

This is why the stuff that you can get to serve as garden furniture is usually made of wood pallet from Woodbridge Pallet Ltd or metal just like those folding chairs you can find in camping stores.

This is why the stuff that you can get to serve as garden furniture is usually either made of wood or metal.

It gets the job done if you’re throwing a garden party or something but it doesn’t exactly inspire comfort and relaxation. Special outdoor dining sets, like those from Remarkable Furniture, provide both comfort and materials that are protected from the outdoor elements

There is a lot of garden furniture that you can buy that does have soft seating, but it tends not to actually designed for bad weather.

It’s basically like indoor seating that’s made to look nice outdoors. What you should look for is furniture with Quick Dry Foam.

It’s an all-weather material that water will run straight through and it’s usually got a polymer resin in it called polyethylene terephthalate which is also known as dacron.

This will help the seat cushions to keep their shape no matter how serious the weather conditions get.

With this kind of seating you wouldn’t have to worry about removing the cushions when you’re not outside or putting any kind of covering on them.

2.    A Fire Pit

You don’t have to limit the time you spend in your garden to the summer months if you can find a way to keep yourself warm.

A fire pit would serve that purpose for you. There’s also just something really relaxing about the image of a blazing fire as well as the sound of it crackling.

There’s a few different options when it comes to a fire pit. You could buy a very simple one that’s made of steel and can be moved around your garden.

There’s also several outdoor barbecue pits that would also serve as fire pits even when you’re not actually cooking anything.

There’s others that you can get which would be professionally installed into your garden. These are usually bigger, higher quality and have a more pleasing look.

Alternatively, you could even make one yourself. There’s a lot of ways you can do it, some of which are very easy, some a little more challenging.

If you didn’t want to go out and buy one you could just go for one of the easy DIY fire pits and get it set up in an afternoon.

3.    A Water Feature

The opposite end of the spectrum is pretty nice too. Much like the visual and sound of a roaring fire, a water feature can have a similarly calming effect.

And it will also do for particularly hot summer days what a fire pit does for those cooler evenings you spend in your garden and will cool the place down.

There are a few different kinds of water features that you could choose from. You could have a pond, a stream or a fountain.

The last option there has a lot of variety in it’s own right. You could go for a simple one or one that has an interesting design.

If you had a pond in your garden, you could even keep some fish in it or you could have some floating plants like water lilies or water lettuce.

Pond plants tend to very cheap and they’re also very easy to maintain.


So those are just a few of the things you can do. If you want some more ideas check out this list from the Complete Home Spa.

Your garden should be a place of relaxation for you and you can get very creative in your methods of putting that calming environment together.


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