3 Elements That Make The Perfect Summer Barbecue

3 Elements That Make The Perfect Summer Barbecue

Although it is only February right now, before you know it, summer will be here. We are all looking forward to it already, imagining being able to hang out with friends in your garden in the sunshine, drinking beers and finally shaking off the weight of the pandemic. 

One hugely popular way of spending the summer is by having barbecues. Grilling food, drinking cold drinks and hanging out with friends – what could be more fun? Most people assume it’s easy to throw together a barbecue  for friends, but in actual fact, there are more pieces to this puzzle than you’d imagine.

Let’s explore three vital elements that come together to create the perfect summer barbecue.

The Food

Firstly, let’s consider the food you will provide for your barbecue. Of course, it’s important to have multiple types of food that suit all the dietary requirements and preferences of your friends. It’s a good idea to come with plenty of veggie and vegan options, in case people prefer this – as more and more people do nowadays!

Additionally to the food you’re actually going to grill, it is necessary to equip yourself with snacks. Snacks are the lifeblood of a good barbecue, so ensure you have plenty of healthy and unhealthy snacks, such as chips, dip and fruit.

Finally, there’s the actual cooking of the food. What will you cook on? Will you be making hamburgers on the traeger grill or going for a traditional wood fire barbecue? It’s your decision to make, just make sure you understand how to use your equipment before you start cooking!

The Music

Ever been to a party that’s all fine, in theory, but the music is really bad? It totally kills the vibe, doesn’t it. Whether the music is too loud or too quiet, or perhaps the host has a super niche taste and has decided to subject the entire party to his preferred music all night long, music is a crucial element to making a party complete. 

With the help of bluetooth connected speakers, your party’s music can be a group effort. You can encourage people to put on the music they like, helping them feel more at home at the party. Similarly, you could make a playlist that any guest can contribute to before the event, making it a collaborative playlist that combines everyone’s tastes.

The Space and Guests

Figuring out how many people to invite is a tricky situation, especially during the pandemic. The last thing you want is to overcrowd your space, but in too intimate a setting, people can feel awkward and intimidated. Make sure that you are inviting groups of people who you believe will get along with each other, so that there aren’t any awkward silences or weird moments. In addition, make sure you are complying with coronavirus rules!

Final Thoughts

To throw the perfect summer barbecue, use this guide as your bible for achieving the desired vibes! Make sure to consider coronavirus rules before planning any event, big or small.

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