2016 IHHS Shines with Color, Sustainability and Technology #IHHS2016

IHHS 2016

IHHS 2016There’s no doubt that the kitchen is often one of the rooms we spend the most time in. Everyone’s kitchen is different and unique, and this year the kitchen trends are leaning in that direction. This year at IHHS, or the International Home and Housewares Show held in Chicago last week, there was a huge focus on color, individuality, sustainability, technology and staying organized.


IHHS 2016This year we have two Pantone colors: Rose Quarts and Serenity. You can see these colors in a lot of the new cookware, and some brands like Contigo have decided have products with both colors. There has been a surge in the ombre color effects on products and even two toned bakeware from Anolon, Farberware and other brands.  Fiesta has launched their color of the year: Claret, a warm purple hue that compliments their current colors available.

As always, black and red are huge colors in the kitchen, but you can find a lot of new products coming out copper as well as other tones.


IHHS2016Since everyone’s kitchen and style and different – you can expect to find more products with patterns, different designs to match your style and space. Bella Housewares is offering different textures, patterns and more designs so you can choose style you want. You can even find full suites of appliances in the new designs to complete your look.

Need more of a fun pop of color to your space and items you want to use every day? French Bull brings both color, funk and fun to your kitchen and home.


IHHS 2016More and more people are demanding a “green story” to go along with their products. We don’t just want our items to look good, but we want them to look good as well. From green and eco-friendly clean products, dryer balls and even cookware there’s a huge pick up of green and sustainable products heading to the market. Look for compostable plates and eco-friendly options EcoSouLife and green cleaners new to the US market from Town Talk Polish.   Your pans may be made in a green facility and may come from recycled content – we will have a follow up on this soon to highlight more great products!


IHHS 2016Technology is always a big item in our daily lives, and our kitchens shouldn’t be left out. Lavit is bringing home (fall 2016) an easy to use tea maker with low calorie drinks using all natural products. Sous Vide cooking is easier than ever with Sansaire‘s Sous Vide stick, and Magic Chef is releasing a microwave that can cook complete, healthy meals in minutes. You can now order your groceries and control your appliances with new products from Gourmia and much more! There’s a lot of fun coming our way when we start connecting our phones and systems with our day to day life. Be on a the lookout for the Gourmia 10 in 1 multi-cooker that can bake, steam, sauté, pan fry, stew, stir fry, slow cook, roast or make sauces and more for you! Cooking has never been easier. Other noteworthy technology comes in the handle of TFal’s new pan that tells you when your pan is ready to cook and the temperature you’re currently at.

Stay Organized

IHHS2016IHHS is always full of great organization products and companies like Spectrum Diversified. But this year, you’re seeing organization start right with your pots and pans. All Recipes has released pans that stack neatly within each other for easy storage and easy to find lids. You can also find their new pans that have a color changing ring near the pan, so you know when your pan is ready to use. Organization is getting easier in your home too with Totally Bamboo and Takeya USA

This year at IHHS gave us a preview of what our kitchen’s will look like in the next couple years as these new products launch. Follow along as we check out several of these new products as they come to market and test them for you!

See more from this year’s IHHS below:



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