2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE -Comfort and Beauty in One

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

With the weather lately, I’ve been looking for a few things in cars while I’m testing them out – how they handle in the snow, and of course my favorite features. On top of my must have list is comfortable seating, including heated seats and a nice ride. I was given a 2015 Mitsubishi Sport SE to drive for a few days last week – and it checked off every box in my must have list, and a few more.

2015 Outlander Sport ReviewThe first thing I look for when I get into any new car is how easy it is to find anything, and that includes on the steering wheel and the surrounding console. In the Outlander Sport, the steering wheel had everything I was looking for right within a few inch reach while driving. It was extremely easy to pair my phone with the car, to use the GPS, control the radio and even take calls. The placement of the buttons on the steering wheel is a lot better than I’ve seen in other models, and makes it so you don’t accidentally dial someone while you’re making a turn, or you can easily turn up your tunes without having to reach very far. My only complaint about the steering console is that the steering wheel did not telescope or move quite high enough if you’re tall and need a bit more leg room. But overall the space was enough to drive comfortably.

2015 Outlander Sport ReviewAs far as technology goes, the Outlander Sport SE was fully loaded. Not only did it include dual climate zones, Sirius radio, Navigation and even included a hidden CD/DVD player behind the touch screen that will open with a touch of a button. You can have auto temperature and climate as well as my favorite – heated seats!

The Outlander Sport that was dropped off came with Eco-drive, adjustable 4WD that can be toggled on and off, as well as being a full automatic with the option for manual adjustment as needed. There isn’t too much the car didn’t have, and very few option boxes went unchecked with this model.

The ride overall was comfortable in the Outlander, and it was great for running errands around town or even running to and from work. It does boast a larger storage space than a sedan would, but would be small compared to an SUV or truck. It fits perfectly in the mid -sized vehicle category.

2015 Outlander Sport ReviewThere were a couple added things I loved about the Outlander Sport, and one was as simple as the start up screen on the dash board. While most cars will tell you the temperature outside, your speed and gas level, the Outlander took it a step beyond that. Besides a friendly greeting, it also gave you a warning about the road conditions, and even tell you what to look out for. The weather, of course has been less than ideal lately, so the temperature aside the car would warn me about possibly icy roads when we first started the car up. It was a nice little reminder about the weather and what we should be prepared for.

2015 Outlander Sport ReviewThe other feature I love about the Outlander Sport SE, is the moonlight. It’s not an operable sunroof like you’d expect in other cars, instead it’s a fixed window so you can take in the views around you. The moonlight actually spans the whole length of the vehicle and has a shade that covers it with the touch of a button. But one of my favorite features for the moonlight is the adjustable LED lighting that can be dimmed or raised to three different lighting levels for you to enjoy a little extra mood lighting as you drive at night. While this feature isn’t anything that effects the drive, or the performance of the car – it’s a little addition that makes your drive a bit more beautiful and enjoyable.

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