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2015 Mazda3 i Touring – Streamlined and Spacious

mazda3 reviewA sporty red car always catches my eye – I think actually they catch everyones. But I didn’t expect the streamlined look and zippy appearance that the 2015 Mazda3 i Touring sedan had. The four door sedan boasted room to spare for storage, seats 4 passengers mostly comfortably.

mazda3 reviewThe Mazda3 that was delivered wasn’t the top of the price point, and only had a portion of the available features. It still came with standard features like radio, CD drive, iDevice docking, USB drives, back up cameras – but the more costly features like navigation, satellite radio, power seating, heating seats etc, didn’t make the cut. While those niceties are appreciated, they add a hefty price hike. But without them, it brings the Mazda3 i Touring at just over $24,000. Placing it at one of the more reasonably priced vehicles I’ve reviewed. And, even though the car is not fully loaded – but looking at the stream lined design you’d never be able to guess it wasn’t one of the higher priced models.

mazda3 reviewDriving the Mazda3 was  a mostly pleasant experience – there were a couple issues that we experienced with the Mazda3, but I will mention those a bit later. For an average height driver, 6 foot and below the vehicle was mostly comfortable. The seat adjusted and the steering wheel telescoped until you got it in the right position. On the steering wheel you’ll find the more common hands-free buttons like volume, cruise control and hands free phone controls, but those buttons are redundant. mazda3 reviewIn the center console there is a dial that activates everything on the screen including your music, phone and even system controls. The first time using the control it seemed odd or out of place since it was to my side. But it was easy to manipulate and change the radio station as I drove. The radio system doesn’t have a way to turn it off, instead the volume has a mute option.

mazda3 reviewAll of your sound control, systems and navigation (if you have that option) is all on a digital read out screen mounted above the air vents. The screen was easy to read, but it’s position was one of the things I wasn’t a fan of in the Mazda3. When you’re driving the light from the read out can be a bit much on your eyes – and I would prefer a lower position for the screen. But since it it is mounted in a fixed position there was no way to move it – instead, the only turn the screen off or dim it in the settings. The screen’s mounted position also puts it directly in the view of the front windows, and makes it look like it’s a GPS unit – which to me made it look like it would be an easy target for theft.

mazda3 reviewOverall inside was spacious, and you can easily seat four people with comfort. That is, except if you are over 6 feet tall. My boyfriend, who is 6′-6″ not only had problems getting in the car, but had to lean the seat back almost completely to sit in the car. Average riders will be able to sit without those problems, and even in the back there was leg room for passengers. The center of the back row flips down to reveal cup holders, and there are hook ups for two car seats.

2015 Mazda3 i Touring – Streamlined and SpaciousAs for storage, the Mazda3 had plenty of spaces in to stash items in the console or in the glove compartment. And the car had a larger than average trunk space. Even with the couple issues we had with the car, overall the Mazda3 was a nice ride. While I’d prefer a little more guts than a 4 cylinder, the Mazda3 handled highways, and in town driving nicely. 2015 Mazda3 i Touring – Streamlined and Spacious

mazda3 review


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