2014 Mitusbishi Outlander Review

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander – One for the Road

Mitsubishi SE-S AWD
It’s the perfect time for driving and taking road trips. And even though I’m hopping planes for conferences, once I land, I’ve needed a car to get me around. Mitsubishi was nice enough to let me review their new 2014 Outlander SE S-AWD for our trip around Virginia, DC and to Hershey for iRetreat. We even took it to visit Hamilton Beach!

Mitsubishi SE-S AWD

The Outlander seats seven, so surely it would be enough for three bloggers and our luggage right? Well… almost! The way back was a little tight, but it was a comfortable ride throughout the whole trip. It has a lot of great features and would be great for any road trip you’re planning for you or for the kids.

We didn’t need it on this trip, but the Outlander did come equipped with all wheel drive. With the simple push of the button you could take it off road, or on rougher terrains. Thankfully our trip only included highways and a few hills, nothing bumpy or rocky got in our way. But if we needed to go exploring we had that option, and it’s extremely easy to use.

Mitsubishi SE-S AWD

Another great feature the Outlander has is the Eco Mode. This will help you save gas as you drive, and keeps your fuel output at a consistent rate. This is ideal for the highway driving we were doing and combined with the cruise control allowed us to use as little gas as we needed to to get to our destination, or anywhere we stopped along the way.

Mitsubishi SE-S AWD

Like many newer cars, the Outlander is equipped controls for many of your options right at your finger tips. You wont need to remove your hands from the steering wheel to change the radio, turn up the sound or even answer a phone call. I appreciate that the buttons and controls were on the inner portion of the steering wheel so you didn’t accidentally phone a friend while you’re turning. I love the hands free calling and GPS options in cars, but not when they get in the way.

Mitsubishi SE-S AWD

Our Outlander came equipped with not only a Rockford Fosgate stereo system, Sirius radio and also a full GPS and hands free call system integrated. The hands free radio system and GPS are great added bonuses as well as safety features. It’s so much better than having to look at a map while you’re on the road!
The navigation system in the Outlander had three really great things I liked. Not only did it tell you where you were going, but it showed you on the screen your turn offs, and how far until you made them. No more second guessing as to when you’re going to turn and having the voice yell at the last moment.

Mitsubishi SE-S AWD

The second feature of the navigation system I really though was great – right on the main screen there is always a sign that allows you to see the speed limit in the area. There were so many times we got onto another highway and there wasn’t a speed limit posted. With a car we weren’t use to, out of state plates and not being 100% sure of our destination – this was able to provide us peace of mind.

But the best of the three features, your turns are actually on the driver’s dash as well! You don’t have to second guess where you’re going, what turn you’re going to make, all you have to do is glance down to see the next move.

Mitsubishi SE-S AWD

The Outlander SE has several other great safety features including air bags, active stability control, adaptive cruise control and lane departure notifications. All of these are great while you’re on the go and making sure you’re getting where you need to be. I did try out adaptive cruise control, and it is really neat! Basically you set your speed and turn it on choosing how far of a distance you want to be from other drivers. If you get within that space, the car will back off and reduce your speed slowly to keep that distance. We watched the car drop over 10 mph to keep the spacing when a car pulled between us and another car.

I would like to note that the lane departure notifications are automatically turned on in the Outlander. I wasn’t able to find a way to adjust the sound, or distance from the lane it would beep at. There were several instances where the lanes merged and it went off, and others where I wasn’t close to a lane. It does however alert you when other vehicles are close to your car, or have left their lane. Basically it’ll check your proximity to the edge, the line and other vehicles. It is great for drifters!

Mitsubishi SE-S AWD

On a final note, I mentioned that the with the size of the Outlander vehicle, it should fit all of the luggage for three bloggers. With the third row dropped down everything fit nicely in the back of the cross over vehicle. It held most of our bags, and what didn’t fit was easy to put in the extra passenger seats. With the third row up, you could easily fit some groceries or a stroller for your around the town trips. Overall this was a great car for the trip and has some great features we enjoyed. It was comfortable, didn’t eat gas and was a lot of fun for us to drive. It’s a great ride, and one that’s awesome for hitting the road in.
Mitsubishi SE-S AWD

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