2014 in Review and Goals for 2015 and Beyond

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As I sit here typing this, it’s hard for me to even imagine that 2015 is only a few days a way. It feels like I just wrote my goals for 2014, and we just pulled out of one of the hardest winters I can remember. While we didn’t hit every goal we wanted in 2014, I’m happy with what was accomplished this year, and can’t wait to see what is coming up.
This past year one of my personal goals was to cook more from scratch and for us to eat out less. With my allergies, and switching to a lower sodium diet this was very important. But with my ever changing work schedule and demands this wasn’t always possible. We have started adding juice to our diets, and you will see this being integrated in recipes throughout the next year. We’ve reduced our processed products in our house drastically but not to the level I’d like.

In 2014, we moved to our new home. Not only did this mean a better and safer area, but also more space – well, for everything. My kitchen has been upgraded, in size and space. Our yard, is a work in progress, bu I’m dreaming of the garden we will have this coming spring and summer. My home office is set up and ready to go – and I’m still working on finishing the basement. We have a home that is warm and inviting and that we can entertain in.

This past year also included adopting the new spit-fire in our home Jack. We love him and his craziness. Seriously – no one could have warned us about the Orange Cat spaziness? We also saw the 100 year flood, which caused issues for so many people. My three hour drive home was nothing compared to families that lost everything.

We just wrapped up our fourth annual 99 Days of Christmas and Ultimate Gift Guide. But there’s a lot more coming throughout 2015. Not only will we see a return of the gift guides next holiday season, but we will see a lot of other great things this year. Gardening tips, more recipes – all being gluten free (of course!), reviews, giveaways and even an increase of DIY features.

Get ready for a great 2015 – it’s going to be our best yet! Thank you as always for being here, I’m excited to continue this journey with you. To a healthy and happy new year!


  1. I always look forward to see whats going on at week99er– ITs one of my favorite sites– Keep up the great works and all the best to you and yours and thank you so much for all the help you have given to so many, I know there has been many articles I wondered why I didn’t know how to this or why I hadn’t thought about that– an the few gifts that I have won from you are charished and much appreciated—Thank you so much


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