Old Time Kitchen Gadgets You Need Today

20 Gadgets Your Grandma Had That You Need Now

Do you ever look back on the time you spent in your grandparents kitchen fondly and wonder how Grandma did the things she did in there? The reality is, there were some kitchen tools they use to have that made making your favorite recipes easier. The years of convenience have made us forget half of those items, and while it might be quicker to get things pre-made, we have a great list of items that will make your kitchen run like a well oiled machine. Some may be a bit nostalgic, but they’re all super useful and ones that you will want to grab for your own time in the kitchen and make some memories of your own.

Apple Slicer and Peeler

Have you ever been confronted with a giant basket of apples that need to be used right away, you probably need to start peeling them and taking out all the seeds. An Apple Peeler Slicer makes life so much easier! In just a few seconds you can crank the apple into perfect slices, remove the skin and get the seeds out all in one shot. This is perfect for making large batches of apple sauce, pies or even using it on pears!

Grease Holder

Have you ever heard of a grease holder? These are great if you like reusing your bacon grease in recipes later and a great place to put it until you need it. We have one of these on our counter, but use it to actually store all of our meat grease until we can throw it out safely and not harm our pipes.

Clothes Line and Pins

Have you ever had your dryer go out and wonder what the heck you would do? Grandma had a clothes line out back, and if you don’t have one you can always grab a Rotary Dryer Clothes Line. It opens up like an umbrella and can hold a load of two of laundry outside until it dries. You don’t even realize you miss the smell of clothes that have been dried in the sun and wind.

Marble Rolling Pin

Growing up, one of the favorite things I loved using in the kitchen was my marble rolling pin. So much so that I actually traded her for it years later. It rolls so smoothly, keeps your dough cold and gives you a longer time to work with it. And as an added bonus – it has just enough heft to smash the candy you need to sprinkle on top of recipes.

Butter Bell

Miss super soft and spreadable butter but don’t want to heat it up in the microwave or get margarine then you need to get a butter bell. This two piece ceramic container has one side that hold cold water, and one that holds your butter. It will always be fresh, and will be soft and spreadable for your taste or banana bread.

Salt Pig

Have you ever heard of a Salt Pig? I absolutely love mine. It sits on top of my stove and is filled with the salt I need just to toss into the pasta water or into a recipe. It’s not only cute, but it is super useful and handy to grab just a pinch of salt when you need it.

Cherry Pitter

We absolutely love cherries but making any recipe with them is the pits… literally. But with a handy dandy cherry pitter we are able to get them pitted and de-stemmed in no time for a pie, a drink or snacks.

Tomato Corer

If you love making pasta sauce or just want to slice your tomatoes without any of the weird spots you definitely need tomato corer. It grabs the stem section and part and removes any of the parts you want to avoid for your recipe. The soft hold makes it easy to use and comfortable if you have a large batch of tomatoes you’re working with.

A Potato Bin

Have you ever noticed that certain vegetables go bad when you store them with others? You may need a potato and vegetable bin, it keeps your vegetables separated in breathable areas so they last even longer. And some even have a bread box right on top!

Cast Iron Skillet and Dutch Oven

If you ever wanted to make some of the best meals ever you need to look at getting a cast iron Dutch oven or skillet.So may recipes that can go right from the stove top to the oven and you can make a variety of things from eggs to brownies in the skillet to your favorite steak. And that Dutch oven? Get ready for some of the best stew and breads you’ve ever had!

Y Peeler

Some of the best peeling and ribbons from veggies you can get using a y peeler. Be sure to use that little extra part that sticks up to remove any eyes or bad parts of your potatoes but it’ll smoothly get the job done instead of having it take all day and your hand getting sore.

Wire Cheese Slicer

Want perfectly sliced and sized cheese for your sandwich? Grab a wire cheese slicer. We have one of these in our kitchen drawer, it’s easy to use, adjustable and makes great use out of those block cheeses you got.

Dough Blender

You’ve been doing a lot more baking lately haven’t you? Ever wondered how you’re supposed to “cut butter into the dough”? This is where a dough blender comes in handy! It evenly chops up the butter and helps mix it in with your other ingredients so you don’t get big clumps of butter in some sections and not others.

Bread Keeper

Remember watching all of those old classic movies and shows and they have a bread box or bread keeper? It might be time to bring those back! Keep your bread fresh, and away from pets that might steal it from you and they look pretty stylish on your counter top!

Pasta Stone

These are highly debated, but I know some people swear by a pasta stone. A small ceramic disc or stone that you put in with your pasta as you cook it – it doesn’t effect the flavor of your meal but helps keep the pot from boiling over – which means less clean up later!

Cookie jar

Who else remembers running into Grandma’s kitchen and stealing a treat from the cookie jar? Where did these go? And why don’t we have them anymore? They can be super cute and super useful at the same time!

Pie Bird

There’s just something so whimsical about a pie bird. They’re absolutely adorable and actually have a great purpose venting the pie as it cooks. Be sure to grab one and some pie weights to make sure you have the most beautiful pies you could ever make.


Ever wonder why Grandma’s baking was so perfect and the recipes always worked? A big part of the reason is she was using a sifter. The flour was evenly distributed, and of the same size – plus it didn’t have any lumps in it as well. It may be an extra step – but it’s one well worth it!


Do you want perfectly smooth mashed potatoes? Then you need to pick up a ricer stat! Push your boiled potatoes through and you will have the smoothest mashed potatoes, ones that will be hard to believe are homemade!

Food Mill

Have you ever wanted to make your own baby food, sauces or any thing that required removing seeds and skins (but didn’t want to do a ton of work)? Then it’s time you got a food mill! Perfect for canning but great for making the best sauces and jellies ever – you will be shocked how often you reach for the food mill when you are cooking.

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