1800Lighting Product Review

1800 Lighting Review
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Today’s theme seems to be online shopping! We’re working on finishing a couple rooms in our house – and since our house is now 70 years old there are our some spaces where there isn’t a ceiling light. That’s right, there isn’t a light switch even to turn on the room light. So what do we do? Right now – we’re working with only one floor lamp. It works for me, but it doesn’t do well if you’re in the guest chair on the other side of the room. So what do we do? We’re on the hunt for a good table lamp!
I was asked to do a review of the 1800lighting website. Which, not only gives me a chance to look at some great products – but helps give me some great ideas on what we can use in the livingroom!

The first lamp that caught my eye is the one above. It’s the Dimond Lighting D1895 Vienna 27 Inch Table Lamp, it’s not only affordable but super cute. Now – I doubt it will get passed my boyfriend, but I love the look of it. Although honestly, I’d love to see this in a larger floor lamp model. They might have it too – I’ll have to keep looking to see!
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Now finding a lamp that we both agree on and will fit our living room’s style might take a while. But I did find several fun table lamps to look at! I really, really like this EGLO Lighting 89322A Etoo 7 Inch Table Lamp! But, again I doubt it’s the lamp for the job.

I have to say – I really had a fun time searching through our options on 1800lighting‘s site! Not only do they have a lot of great styles that anyone can find what they’re look for – you can also find them within your budget! You can find lamps starting around $20 for your home use. And check out the new styles for outside your house! I can’t wait to find the right lamp for our space!

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  1. I think the little round one is too cute. Something that the cats couldn’t knock off as quick as a regular one or play with the shade.


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