11 Surprisingly Profitably Automotive Business Ideas

Starting an automotive business might sound expensive, but it’s actually a lot cheaper than you think. What’s more, margins are surprisingly high. It’s certainly a better gig than starting a restaurant or photography business. 

In this post, we take a look at some surprisingly profitable automotive business ideas. Check them out below. 

Fuel Distribution Services

Many businesses use heavy equipment, such as tractors, diggers and cranes, that require fuel. Operators can’t drive them onto a regular forecourt, so they hire professional third-party companies to deliver the fuel they need on-site. 

This business is lucrative because the model is so simple. You simply carry fuel from the depot to where your customers need it. Costs include purchasing the fuel itself, and buying trucks to move it around. 

Mobile Car Washing Services

Mobile car washing services are another great way to make money quickly. Startup costs are minimal. You’ll need basic cleaning equipment, such as sponges and shammies, plus insurance – and that’s it. 

Tow Trucking Services

If you have money for a downpayment on a truck, you can offer towing services in your area. Customers will call you to transport their broken down vehicles to repair shops or ask you to deliver vehicles to their destination of choice (for instance, for a vacation). 

Rates tend to be good. If customers trust you, you will be able to charge a premium. 

Repair Shop

If you have the relevant expertise, you might want to explore setting up a repair shop. You’ll need to make a substantial investment in equipment, but once you’re set up, it can be a real money-spinner. 

If you do set up a repair shop, make sure that you focus on a specific type of vehicle and build a niche. For instance, you might specialize in off-road 4X4 vehicles and have a range of Jeep service repair manuals in your backroom. 

Automobile Magazine

You don’t actually have to touch a single car to get into the automotive business. Instead, you can spend all your time writing about them in an automobile magazine. 

Consumers are desperate to learn as much as possible about cars which they should buy. If you can provide them with relevant advice, you may be able to garner a large readership. Naturally, you’ll want to publish both online and office. 

Auto Detailing Services

Auto detailing services restore cars to their prime. Typical services offer painting, cleaning and improving finish quality. 

Auto detailing shops tend to be cheaper to set up than repair shops. You don’t quite need as many tools. 

Car Accessory Store

If you feel more comfortable at the retail end of things, you might want to consider setting up your own car accessory store. In the past, gearheads had to buy a physical premises, but thanks to internet shopping platforms, you can now do it online. 

Tire Store

Launching a tire store might seem like a simple business idea, but it can be very profitable. These shops sell both new and used tires. New tires tend to attract standard margins. However, used tires often have much larger margins, particularly if their previous owner is trying to get rid of them quickly. 

As a tire store owner, you’ll need to learn the rules surrounding which tires you can fit to cars, and which you can’t. You’ll also need to learn about the different types of tires and when to recommend them to your customers. 

Spare Parts Distributor

Mechanics and auto repair shops need a steady supply of spare parts to keep themselves stocked. To this end, they rely on spare parts distributors: businesses that specialize in keeping vast quantities of replacements in their inventories ready for when clients need them. 

As a spare parts distributor, you’ll need to maintain close relationships with your clients. To begin with, you may wish to focus on a specific niche before expanding your parts collection more generally. 

Driving School

Entrepreneurs who love spending time with people often set up their own driving school. Not only is it a profitable enterprise, but it is also highly-rewarding. Giving people the skill of driving is something that will stay with them forever. 

Windshield Repair

Cars frequently suffer damage to their windshields. Loose stones kicked by the action of tires on the road can cause chips which eventually become full-blown cracks

Windshield repair services help to prevent a small initial amount of damage from developing into something much more severe. What’s more, they’re inexpensive to set up. You’ll need a van, some repair resin, and a machine to apply it. 

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