10 Tip to Avoid being a Target for Thieves While Traveling

Tips to Avoid Thieves While Traveling

 Security is and always will be a main concern when you travel, particularly when it comes to keeping documents and valuables safe inside a secure self storage in North York. However, there are precautions that everyone can take so the risk is minimal.

Commonsense tips

It is not advisable to flaunt wealth or to become a target by being obviously identifiable as a tourist. It is simple to take a ten dollar watch instead of a designer timepiece, and definitely not a good idea to wear brand new designer clothes or expensive jewelry when sightseeing in a strange city.

In addition, travelers should always be alert to what is going on around them, keeping eyes open for suspicious behavior and ears free of headphones to hear suspicious sounds. Also, since every tourist is a potential mark for swindlers and scam artists, strangers need to be treated with caution, especially if they approach with a sad story or an unexpected offer of help.

Cash and credit cards

Travelers should carry as little cash as possible and not allow strangers to see the contents of their wallet. It is also smart not to carry credit cards and cash all in the same place. The risk can be reduced by splitting cash up to conceal in various places such as inside a shoe or in a money belt worn under clothing.


A passport is the traveler’s most precious document and special precautions are advised because a lost or stolen passport is potentially valuable on the black market.

Travelers are advised to take two copies of the pages showing their photo and identification information. One copy should be left at home with a family member or close friend. The second copy, along with contact information for their country’s embassy or consulate at their destination, should accompany them and be safely hidden in a different location to the original. This will provide valuable proof of identity if a stolen passport needs to be replaced.

The original should be kept in a fanny pack, pouch or anti-theft wallet while traveling. At the destination, it should be stored securely or hidden away.

In transit

Special care is needed when traveling by taxi, plane or public transportation.

Credit cards, cash and passports should always be kept in a pack or, better still, a thief proof money belt. Valuables such as a laptop or a digital camera should be kept close and in plain sight. They should not be stowed under a bus, given to a driver, or put in the trunk of a taxi.

When flying, valuables should be packed in a carry on bag rather than checked baggage. The carry on bag should be locked securely and stored close by. It is preferable to use the overhead compartment across the aisle in plain sight rather than the storage bin directly overhead, and the bag’s opening should face the back wall of the bin. Of course, pockets of coats or jackets stored in the overhead compartment be emptied of all valuables.

At the hotel

Many hotels have an in-room safe. This is the safest option for storing documents and  your valuables at the hotel, but if there is none, front desk staff will be able to provide access to a hotel safe.

At the beach

Swimmers, surfers, divers and snorkelers who do not have a trustworthy person on shore to watch their belongings might find the Beach Safe a good security option. This is a smaller, lighter version of the PacSafe, and can be used to store cash, credit cards, keys and other valuables while enjoying water activities.

Some water enthusiasts might feel more comfortable taking their valuables with them in a waterproof pouch or wallet. One solution for scuba divers is the Pelican Micro Case. This is watertight and crush-proof, comes with a pressure equalizing purge valve, and is large enough to protect cell phones and other small personal gadgets and electronic devices.

Fortunately, most people are honest and friendly and with a reasonable amount of commonsense you will minimize the risk of falling prey to thieves.


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