10 Things You Must Do and See When You Visit New York City


10 Things You Must Do and See When you Visit New York City

New York is a city unlike any other, as a hub of entertainment, finance, fashion and media with a cultural influence that spans over the world. Some people are lucky enough to live there, immersed in this impressive energy during their day-to-day lives. The rest of us have to settle on visits, either short or extended ones, to get our fill of culture and excitement that only NYC can provide.

Get lost in The  Metropolitan Museum of Art
With over 2 million pieces of art that document over 5 millennia of world history, you can spend days inside The Met and still not see everything. But it’s worth a try, even if it takes numerous return visits!

Take in a show at Arlene’s Grocery
Since 1996, this former bodega has been a hotspot for local musical talent. Several days of the week are even dedicated to a karaoke experience that will have you feeling like rock star.

Enjoy international films at the Film Forum
There are lots of cinemas in NYC, as well as independent cinemas that focus on noir. But the Forum is known to everyone as the historian’s go-to for classic and modern cinema noir, featuring titles from all over. Stop in during your NYC trip to see a film that you’ve probably never even heard of before.

See the Statue of Liberty
This iconic gift from the French has long since been a beacon of hope for the tired, huddled masses that yearn to be free. No visit to New York City is complete without a cruise past Lady Liberty. Hop on a cruise down the Hudson River to get the best view of one of our nation’s most significant manmade landmarks.

Catch a Yankees game
There’s a reason why baseball is called America’s pastime. Even if you’re not especially a fan of the Yankees, a trip to Babe Ruth’s former stomping grounds is a must for any lover of this popular sport.

Get a load of the view from the Empire State Building
On the 102nd floor of this iconic piece of architecture that is recognizable worldwide is an observation deck that allows visitors a unique glimpse into the city and across its skyline. Most visitors don’t make it this far, but those who do are glad for the climb.

Get a unique perspective at the Museum of Modern Art
NYC has numerous museums, few as memorable as the Museum of Modern Art. Host to such timeless works as Van Gogh’s Starry Night, this maze of glass walkways and breathtaking art is sure to enthrall the senses of any art or history buff.

Stretch your legs in Central Park
Central Park, the urbanized park landscape in NYC, is as iconic as any other feature of the city. It is also a splendid spot for picnicking and outdoor recreation.

Find the perfect diamond in NYC’s Diamond District
Praised as the world’s largest marketplace for diamonds of any size or shape, you can find any fine jewelry that you’ve had your heart set on when you venture here. Over 90 percent of NYC’s diamonds go through the Diamond District, which means selections at prices that can meet nearly any budget.

Take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge
Connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan, this iconic bridge offers a promenade where cyclists and pedestrians can cross without worry. The walk itself takes maybe forty minutes, but the views that you’ll see between point A and point B will last with you forever.


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