10 Simple Steps To Become A More Eco-Friendly Driver

10 Simple Steps To Become A More Eco-Friendly Driver

Living a green lifestyle means assessing your daily routine and finding areas where you could improve. Car emissions have a hugely negative impact on the planet, but thankfully there are things you can do to reduce your impact. With the help of these ten ideas you’ll start to change your driving habits for the better.

1 . Choose an electric car

If you’d like to become a more eco-friendly driver, one of your best options is purchasing an electric car. These cars work by drawing electricity out of the grid, you need to plug these vehicles into a charge point to top them up. The electricity is stored inside batteries, and these batteries power an electric motor. There are lots of different benefits of driving an electric car including:

  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and go green.
  • Electric cars can help you save money, (since they don’t rely on fuel).
  • Electric cars are also easier to maintain, you don’t need to take them in for repairs quite so often.
  • You’ll experience a smoother drive compared to a traditional vehicle.

2. Improve your driving habits

If you’re keen to become a more eco-friendly driver, it’s important to improve your driving habits. Here are a few top tips for green driving:

  • Try to avoid idling, it’s best to switch the engine off instead.
  • Apps like GasBuddy can help you to monitor and reduce your fuel consumption.
  • Try to keep at a constant speed when you’re driving.
  • Avoid speeding and drive with care.

3. Monitor your tire pressure

It’s important to monitor your tire pressure, ensuring that it’s the correct level. If you’re driving with the wrong tire pressure, you’ll be wasting fuel. Luckily there are apps which can help you to track your tire pressure. One of the best apps to use is SensAiry, using this app you can monitor your tire pressure, and check the temperature of your vehicle. The app shows the readings in bar units, psi and kilopascal.

4. Travel light

If you’re keen to go green avoid adding any excess weight to your vehicle. Overloading your trunk means that you’ll use up more fuel. Only put items in the trunk that you need, and remove any items that you can do without. Even small changes like this make a big difference to fuel consumption. Remember, when you save fuel you’ll save money at the same time.

5. Turn off the air con

Air con is a nice luxury on a hot day, but it’s certainly not a necessity. Using the AC can put pressure on the electrical system, when the engine has to work harder the car tends to consume more fuel. Try to avoid using the aircon, and simply open the window instead.

6. A smaller vehicle

Larger vehicles tend to use up more fuel, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, consider opting for a smaller car. According to Next Green Car some of the most economical small cars include the Skoda CITIGOe, the Fiat 500 Hatch Electric, and the Peugeot e-208 50.

Many of us don’t need a larger car, considering how many passengers you’ll usually have, and whether you need much storage space. Other benefits of having a smaller car include:

  • Smaller cars can be a whole lot easier to park.
  • Purchasing a smaller vehicle is a great way to save money.
  • Smaller vehicles often tend to have a better resale value.
  • Advantages in technology means that smaller cars are much safer than they used to be.

7. Regular service checks

To become an eco-friendly driver it’s important that you have your vehicle serviced regularly. Issues with your car can negatively affect the performance and the fuel economy. It’s a good idea to have your car serviced at least each year, (or after every 12,000 miles).

It’s best to keep a record of all of your repairs and maintenance checks, as you might need these in the future. Using apps like Car Minder you can book in your service checks, and store data about your repairs. Keeping up to date with your service checks will ensure that your car is safe, reducing your chances of having a car accident. If you have been in a road traffic accident, you’ll need the assistance of car accident lawyers.

8. The right insurance

To go even greener, consider choosing a carbon neutral insurance policy. These policies work by offsetting the emissions that are produced by their customers. Carbon offsetting is a method used to balance the impact of CO2. Drivers are asked to provide information about how many miles they drive, and this data is used to cover the emissions that are produced.

9. Use refined oil

Using refined oil for your vehicle has many different benefits. Here are some of the best reasons to use refined oil.

  • Processing refined oil doesn’t rely on harmful off-shore drilling.
  • Less energy is used when compared to the crude oil refining process.
  • The process encourages improved oil collection, reducing both water and ground contamination.

10. Reduce your driving time 

Sometimes simple changes are all you need to make a difference. Reducing your driving time can make plenty of difference to the planet. Make a commitment to driving less, and trying other transport options, whether it’s walking or cycling. If you need to drive, ensure that you plan your route before you set off. Route planning can also help you to reduce your driving time.

To help you plan your route, try using tools like Waze. The best thing about Waze is that you can access the latest traffic updates in real time. If there’s an issue along your route, Waze will suggest the best alternative. There are so many ways that you can become a greener driver. Other general tips include:

  • Consider using car sharing schemes.
  • Ensure that you use cruise control.
  • Choose a car that has a good fuel economy
  • Hybrid vehicles are also helpful to reduce emissions.

Using these ten steps you’ll become a more eco-friendly driver. Assessing your everyday practices is the best way to go green and protect the planet. Whether it’s the brands you purchase, the foods you eat, or your transport options, there are so many ways to go green.

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