10 of the Best Apps You Need For Your Mac

10 of the Best Apps You Need For Your Mac

Just unpacked your brand new Mac and looking for the best apps currently available? Then look no further. We’ve scoured the net and asked around to bring you our list of the top 10 applications you should download now. Whatever your interests, needs, or budget, we’ve included something for everyone.

The Top 10 Apps For Your Mac

1.Clean My Mac X

Like any operating system, your Mac’s performance slows down over time. This happens when there’s just too much stuff on your PC, and your storage space gets smaller. An absolute essential for any responsible Mac user is Clean My Mac X. Developed by people who know their Macs, this must-have program removes unnecessary junk that’s slowing your computer down, with the click of a button. 

It’s especially useful for those of us that forget to empty the Trash folder, uninstall apps correctly, and best of all, it knows automatically what can stay and what needs to go. If there’s one app you download in 2020, it should be this one.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best browsing platforms around as far as we’re concerned, and it’s free. Once you’ve installed it, you’re able to sync your information across all your devices, including your iPhone. It also offers users excellent search capabilities and customization options.

3. Amphetamine

The only thing more annoying than falling asleep on your Mac is your Mac falling asleep on you. As the name suggests, Amphetamine keeps your PC awake with a simple on and off switch. The app contains a whole lot of features for advanced users, but it’s also suitable for those of us that like keeping things simple.

4. Google Photos

Yes, you can use your iCloud Photo Library, but we think you should check out Google Photos too. The app is available for your Mac, iPad, and iPhone, so you can sync images from all your devices quickly and easily. A smart little feature that we love, and know you will, too, is the app’s ability to recognize photos based on metadata and neural network identification. 

5. Tooth Fairy

If you’re always connected to your Airpods, then you need the Tooth Fairy app. This nifty little accessory allows you to quickly and easily connect any Bluetooth devices to your Mac or iPad. You have the option of connecting with the click of your mouse, or by creating a shortcut. And you can even customize it to show your devices’ battery status.

Talking about Airpods and iPads. If you’re looking for the best possible way to keep all your gadgets charged in one place, you might want to check out the charger everyone’s talking about.

6. GIF Brewery 3

Want to create your own GIFs but can’t be bothered with lengthy sign-in processes or ad-heavy websites? Then you need to try GIF Brewery 3. This free app allows you to pull videos from YouTube or other local files, use different images, or even record something in real-time on your Mac or iPhone. But that’s not all. You can also change the file size, make the clip longer or shorter, and add loops and overlays. 

7. Deliveries

Unlike some of the apps featured on our list, the Deliveries app isn’t free, but it’s definitely worth having. The parcel-tracking app is perfect for anyone who shops online, and it supports a wide range of shipping services, including FedEx, DHL, DPD, UPS, US Postal Services, TNT, Yodel, and Hermes.

8. Day One

Keeping a journal is therapeutic and an excellent way for you to remember all the important moments in your life. And Day One is undoubtedly one of the best journaling apps you can get for your Mac.

Not only are you able to have different journals at the same time, but you can also personalize them by adding photos and audio clips. You can download the basic package for free, or if you prefer, go for the subscription-based option.

9. Bartender 3

Ever looked at someone else’s Mac and wondered how they keep it so organized? Chances are they’ve got Bartender 3, the app that helps you organize and manage your apps. Whether you prefer to have the icons all displayed in the menu bar, hidden away, or accessed using shortcuts, you can do it with Bartender. And in case you’re wondering, the app supports macOS Mojave, Sierra, High Sierra as well as Catalina. 


Tired of typing the same text over and over again? Then you need to give aText a go. This text expansion app lets you replace frequently typed words or phrases with abbreviations, including your name and email. For example, rather than typing out your full name every time you send a mail or compose a letter, simply type “myname”. The app isn’t free, but it saves you time. And that’s worth more than all the money in the world, as far as we’re concerned.

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