10 Best Places to Visit in Spain

10 Best Places to Visit in Spain

Hola! Have you finally started planning your dream vacation and decided on the wondrous Spain? Not sure where to start? We got you! Check out our list of 10 best places to visit in Spain! 

  1. Pueblos Blancos

The white-washed villages of cozy looking houses and friendly locals, Pueblos Blancos is settled in the central Andalucia. Take a relaxing walk through the narrow streets to soak up all the architectural and historical marvels, such as old churches and flower-strewn squares. 

  1. Granada

Located at the foot of Sierra Nevada mountains and the confluence of four rivers, the city of Granada is probably a less known holiday destination, but has so much to offer. Its streets are vibrant with Moorish medieval architecture, most popular of which – the palace of  Alhambra. After visiting this stunning fortress you can simply hike to the mountains of Sierra Nevada or even treat yourself to a day of skiing. 

  1. Barcelona

The city of Barcelona has always been known as an architectural jewel of the country, with masterpieces of gothic designs and big squares. Do not miss out on visiting one of the most important monuments in Spain – Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. Its magnificent design was created by Antoni Gaudi, and now it is one of the biggest attractions of the country. 

  1. Madrid

Seems impossible to visit Spain without setting foot in the capital city, right? Madrid is the center of the culture, history and all-things-Spanish. With plenty of places of sightseeing and entertainment, this city can be a true highlight of your trip. By the way, if you follow through your itinerary and find yourself in need of comfortable and quick transportation, check out the Barcelona to Madrid train.

  1. The Balearic Islands

If you are seeking to spend days with your toes in the sand, skin tan and fingers running through the warm, baby-blue water, you simply must make your way to the region of the Balearic Islands. Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and other tourist-packed islands in the east of Spain will help you relax against the sun and maybe party a little in the nighttime. Find the perfect balance of both next time you are there! 

  1. San Sebastian

If you are in dire need of a SPA vacation and do not really prefer the sandy beaches, San Sebastian is the perfect place for you. A network of luxurious resorts of pools, beauty treatments and marvelous hotels will turn your holiday into a calm and breezy dream, or simply help you feel serenity after a long flight or an active touring of the country.  

  1. Costa Brava

200 km of absolutely stunning coastline and pretty cosmopolitan resorts. That is what awaits you if you make your way to Costa Brava. Brilliant beaches and clear water hitting the rocks, friendly people and tasty food. This part of Spain is a very popular place to visit, but it never feels overcrowded, so you will definitely have a peaceful time for exploration. 

  1. Valencia

The third largest city of Spain, Valencia is a mix of traditional and modern architecture. Here you can fulfill your needs for a relaxing holiday by visiting the remote beaches and exploring natural attractions, but at the same time there are plenty of sightseeing if you feel like learning something new and exciting. Valencia is also famous for the City of Arts and Sciences, a network of places to educate yourself. 

  1. Picos de Europa

In the heart of northern Spain lies the stunning mountain range – Picos de Europa. About 20 km of natural scenery and astonishing landscapes of narrow mountain roads and small rivers. You can see all of that on your hike or, if you prefer, there is also a national park that you can visit.

  1. Zaragoza

Maybe a little less popular among the tourists, Zaragoza is the perfect choice for any history and art lover. Take a roam and see the stunning architecture and vibrant street art. Visit the Basilica del Pilar, filled with pieces by Francisco Goya, who actually came from this region! 

We bet you have no doubts about visiting Spain now, do you? Go ahead and plan the trip of the year, we guarantee you will have a great time! 

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