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Christmas Countdown, Gift Guides and Unboxing Videos? We’ve got it All! 

It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays!

We love the holiday season and can’t believe that it’ll be here in the blink of an eye. We start celebrating early here at Week99er with our 99 days of Christmas to get our readers ready for the holidays. We believe by offering recipes, honest reviews and round ups we can ease our readers into the holiday season without the stress and panic that they usually feel.

99 Days of Christmas is Back! 

Offering daily countdown features, giveaways and ways to connect with a new customer base our 99 days of Christmas is the perfect way to partner with our site! From the best new products, to things that make hosting the holiday party easier, we want our readers ready for the holiday season. The 99 days of Christmas begins on September 17th yearly, and we want to have you involved!

What’s new in 2019? 

Gift Round Ups

As we get closer to the holiday season we’re doing specialized gift round ups. Gifts for Mom. Gifts for Dad. Hottest new Kids toys. The Best Products to Use Making Your Holiday Meal. Tech You’re Going to Love! Travel Gifts for Those Who Suffer from Wanderlust – and many more. We’re excited to share a gift guide weekly and would love to including your products!

Get your products in front of the eyes of our thousands of readers daily.

Unboxing Videos

It’s all the rage, and our subscribers love them! With over 140,000 currently subscribed to our Youtube Channel we have an audience that is engaged, happy to enter giveaways on Youtube. With millions of views on our channel and hundreds of thousands of visitors each month we’re opening up this marketing option for our brand partnerships.

Weekly, we’ll be doing a holiday unboxing video featuring a collection of great products for the family and more. Individual unboxing videos are an option but must be agreed upon before sending.

Have questions? Feel free to email us!

Contact Us to Discuss Review Features, Round Up Inclusions and Unboxing Features

99 days of Christmas

Interested in being included in our 2019 Christmas Features? Email Us


Q: Do you have examples of previous Christmas Countdowns?

A: We do! All of our past Christmas Countdown posts can be found in the same category.

Q: Is there cross promotion of the products, or it just a single review?

A: All posts are linked together with a linky that populates as we go through all 99 days. Each post is linked to the others and will be syndicated throughout the time countdown time frame as well. You can find an example of a post with the linky here. All posts will feature the Christmas Countdown badge so they’re easy to spot!

Q: Is there a particular product you’re looking for?

A: We don’t accept every product offered during the countdown – but will consider them all. If the item is a good fit, would make a good gift, or make someone’s life easier during the holiday season – reach out! We’d love to discuss sponsorship options and ways your company can be involved.

Q: When do you need the items by? 

A: With the exception of unboxing items, we would need all items by November 15th, 2019. This provides us enough time to photograph, research and write about your product. Can’t send your product before that date? Talk to us and we will try to accommodate. Items that are late, or last minute however may not be featured at all.

Q: Can I specify a day my feature goes live?

A. Whenever possible, we will accommodate date requests during the 99 days of Christmas. However, dates are first come first serve. When sending a product, if you have a specific date in mind please discuss this with us before shipping.

Q: What do you do with the items after the countdown? 

A: Surplus items reviewed during the Christmas Countdown are donated to local charities or families in need. After the 2014-2018 Christmas Countdown, we were able to adopt five families with a collective 11 children, ages 9 months to 17. Week99er was also able to help a family who had lost their home in a recent fire as well!

Q: Where can items be shipped to?

A: Please send all items to our UPS Box address below!

18530 Mack Ave #460
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

Q: Will every item be featured? 

A: Unsolicited Items will be considered, but may not be featured. Please consider reaching out to us and discussing a partnership with us before sending something randomly in the mail. We appreciate the items, and will make sure they get to our readers in one way or another. But we’d love to work with you in an official way.

Q: Do you need an item for us to be included?

A. If you are unable to send an item, we have other partnership options and paid placements. We would love to discuss them with you! Please sure to email us for rates.